December 7, 2010

I just finished a Bible study on John the disciple. It ended in Revelation, because John wrote Revelation, and that is some crazy stuff. It sucks you in and I definitely recommend a commentary to go along side if you decide to read it. But do decide to read it because,
"Blessed is one who reads the words of this prophecy..." Rev. 1:3

Church last Sunday consisted of a Christmas Cantata, there was a huge choir and orchestra and it was pretty magical.

This is a big thing for me to say.

If you asked me, "How do you feel about choirs?"
I would say, "I hate them. They make you say all your vowels all weird."
(This all stemming from my choir experience which left me running out of my high school- age 17- crying my eyes out because of teachers on power trips, a theme that continues in my life.)

Anyway, back to the magical part: They were singing "O'Come O'Come Emmanuel" and they got to the "REJOICE!" part and with more than 100 people singing, "rejoice," in perfect harmony in a church so big the sound is echoing all around me I began to cry for surely a sound that big and consuming to me now is nothing compared to heaven.

Revelation 5:11-12
"Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousands. They encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders. In a loud voice they sang:

"Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!"

Plain White and Pretty

December 1, 2010

I was just telling my mother-in-law, Im color-phobic when it comes to my own house. I love color and can do color for other people but my house is white and taupe and brown.- the parts I like are at least. And then BOOM country living finds the plain but pretty house of my christmas dreams!

Here's some shots:

One step above Charlie Browns Tree

November 30, 2010

Its our first married Christmas and we did it up. Well, we turned on some vince vince guaraldi christmas tunes and strung the lights and hung the stockings, it was a sweet moment. Here's the outcome of the decorating and that branch I dragged across the road:

I made some doggie silhouette (i had to google that word to spell it) stockings and love them. Got the idea here and made them with felt.

And last but not least our little tree:

The festive table

November 23, 2010

So this post is very much related to my last, well, Sam didn't eat any furniture today yet, but poppytalk created a festive table hodge podge and BOOM there's my cake plate! I really love the numbered napkins!
1. Number Napkins by Heather Lins Home
2. Large Wooden Cake Pedestal by Sunday Hatch
3. Evergreen Village, Boxwood Garland and Mistletoe Mini Quilt by Carrie Strine
4. Porcelain Mixed Nuts by Kg and Ab
5. Spout Milk and Sugar by Paige Russell

Good Morning!

November 22, 2010

I love mornings. This morning my sweet husband let me sleep, took the dogs out and the gated them off in the living room and kitchen so they wouldn't come cry at me to get up. So I wake up come into the living room and Sam takes off down the hall.... "That's weird," I think. OH no its not so weird... she's been chewing on the corner of the cushion of my new chairs!!!!!!! I really almost threw up. I was super mad but I feel like its my fault, its been colder and we haven't been outside nearly as much. So my wisdom to you, WALK YOUR DOGS.

On another note, the poppytalk handmade holiday market #2 is up and running and my cake plates are in it along with some other really cool items.

Enjoy your coffee, then go throw the ball with your dog...

The space between "Before and After"

November 16, 2010

I didn't feel like I could post because nothing is complete. Im in the middle of so many projects and going here and there... sometimes even to my actual job! So here are QUICK picture updates of the in between of "before and after" p.s. (This post is for you old danielle!- not me, this is another person :)

Cake Plates in Pieces

Rob's taking the piano apart... to turn it into a bookshelf

Fabric for a chair redo...
Fabric for another chair, with red-orange piping! And under that West Elm bedding I'm taking back, I wasn't in love with it.

Pulled the car over and picked this up from the median, I love people staring out the window at the girl dragging foliage across the road :) Its for pictures I'm about to take for the upcoming holiday market on poppytalk handmade market!
Sam had fun with the outdoor furniture:
Christmas time is here... generally...

Im in the middle of books too! Purpose driven life is supposed to be 40 days... Im on day 39 on day 87. Boundaries is next.
Im even in the middle of killing my plants! Not all the way there but with a little more work... dead.

With all of these things to do and kill, (including finishing this coffee table below) Im going to read some Martha...

Have a good rest of the week. Miss you friends in other states and in this one too :)

Blueberry Red

November 9, 2010

I can't not share these pictures. I guess in places where it actually gets cold, beautiful things happen to the trees. Especially at this blueberry farm!

Pictures from the blog: A Day in the Country

Before and After: Antique Ice Box

November 8, 2010

Well this guy- actually twins- have been sitting in my garage for months! Too funky not to pick up but too quirky to know what to do with them. Then one day it became clear, well, it became very chalky. Chalkboard paint! I haven't ever used it, I can see these in a kids bedroom and what fun to write on your furniture and not get in trouble!!!



In dream land

November 1, 2010

In dream land I have a ranch house... and a horse named rod-stewart for obvious reasons, and Sam and Lola of course because they will live forever.

Also I would like this awesome piece of art to be in my ranch house:
from Dolan Geiman. Awesome. You're invited when it exists.

Ahh.. sweet November

Im so glad its fall, but fall in Texas fakes you out for a while. Like it will be sweater weather one day all day long and you can't believe you finally get to wear your anthropologie sweater... and then the next day it starts out sweater weather and by 2pm you want to jump in a pool. I have a sweater on right now fully knowing the high is 80. Take that weather.

Surely I have talked about a Year of Mornings already (a photo book of two friend's mornings for 365 days). Its so inspiring and makes me look at the beauty of morning time and routines. One morning I was up early and the sun was just peeking out and turning everything pink:

This is not actually wood for fires... as fall, and Rob, would suggest. Its for cake plates! Yep, I'm still going strong selling those things. And exciting news... they are about to be picked up by a store! Can't tell which one yet but its a good one... Here's some new pictures of those:

And we carved pumpkins, that owl lasted about 12 hours before he fell off the "branch"

p.s. Im about to finish a before and after furniture piece... check back soon!

Dancin' in the Kitchen

October 27, 2010

I love the days when I enjoy just being at my house getting things done. Its rare to enjoy cleaning but there is a method to it... good ole scream a song and dance around bouncy music. Here are three songs to clean, bounce, drive, and enjoy good weather to: (in order of less favorite to more favorite)

1. Open the all the windows & Sweep the kitchen... instead of watching the video... its out there... but the song will motivate you into movement.

2. Be happy to be in love Music & Clean your closet

3. Get a drink of water and rest- Your house looks great!

Elizabeth & The Catapult - You & Me by Sneakattackmedia

My mother the seamstress...

October 25, 2010

I can remember being little and hearing the sewing machine humming in the background over the sound of my cartoons. I can remember endless trips to hang curtains and her sitting on the couch drawing out pictures of how to construct something new... and then joining me watching cartoons while she pulled out her seams to do again. So... now, however many years later, her sewing curtains has turned into embroidery- much cuter! Here are a couple pictures of her creations: Her site is here!

In the "Chi-Chin Store"

October 22, 2010

Did you ever play mall madness? Well the game couldn't say kitchen so it said "Chi-chin" instead. We've (sister and I) kept saying it since then. That one, and "OOOoooo, long line, try again later!"

Anyway, I'm recently in love with Martha Stewart. Did you know she used to be a model?

... hot.
Anyway in the Sept. Magazine of Living she showed her following her beautiful farm kitchen, that just happens to be the best colors ever: gray and white.

Also I found these Kitchen Canisters @ Target that I would buy if I didn't already have canisters... well... I might anyway...
Have a great weekend...

Design Sponge & My chairs!!

October 21, 2010

You know your chairs were so bad when they make it worthy of a before and after on Design sponge. Now only if Ellen would do the "after" portion to our ugly little kid picture!

Before and After: Upholstered Chairs

October 19, 2010

Well friends, I picked these guys up for $20 on craigslist... but now they look like money in my living room!!!

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