With the Candlesticks! and the Tapestries!

July 7, 2010

Have you seen Ever After with Drew Barrymore? Well, I'm in love with it. Its a cinderella story and her name just happens to be Danielle. This may or may not be the reason I love it. In a heated moment in the movie, the evil step mother (Anjelica Huston) is screaming at Danielle De Barbarac because a very special dress is missing.

"Where's the dress Danielle?!" and Danielle replies, "With the candlesticks! And the tapestries!"

My sister and I have quoted this since it came out 12 years ago. It is actually a great line to throw in, as dresses do go missing with sisters.

Speaking of Candlesticks.... These are some of my recent re-dos:

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  1. Those are really lovely. I've been trying to add some touches of white around the house. I love how modern it can look.


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