Bruise like a Peach Farm

August 16, 2010

Ever play Jeopardy? When I lived with my sister in college we had a score board and would play every night against each other. Then one day she memorized all the presidents in order. She won. There's one category "Before & After" where they use one word for two different phrases... for example "Bruise like a (Peach) Farm." Ok... so maybe "Peach Farm" isn't a phrase.

In my past jobs I basically get paid to get beat up. I work with kids with autism and developmental disabilities and I am usually covered in bruises. I love them, and I love the unique things they say and do but I go to work stressed and come home with migraines and the shins of a soccer player. Is it really worth it... for me?

I am currently unemployed and I keep thinking what if I do something completely different... like work on a peach farm... and friends... if I want it... I have a very part time job on a peach farm! This weekend my husband and I went to a farmers market. Just looking at farmers markets... and farmers... make me smile. In an effort to decipher my path in life I bought alot of peaches... (and a teal carafe at a flea market!)

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  1. loved this post! i think working on a peach farm would be wonderful....there is something about working the land and being on a farm....

    i wish you all the best!



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