My mother the seamstress...

October 25, 2010

I can remember being little and hearing the sewing machine humming in the background over the sound of my cartoons. I can remember endless trips to hang curtains and her sitting on the couch drawing out pictures of how to construct something new... and then joining me watching cartoons while she pulled out her seams to do again. So... now, however many years later, her sewing curtains has turned into embroidery- much cuter! Here are a couple pictures of her creations: Her site is here!


  1. Very cute! I always sort of resented the fact that my mom could sew because when I wanted to buy any clothes, she'd just be like "oh, I can make that for you". Not the same, mom. Not the same.

  2. I did not know she was doing this! I just be-friended her. I have friends having babies so I will be placing some orders :) Oh and I love the new logo and look of the blog. I am a regular reader and I get sad when their isn't a new post :( You are so talented my friend!

  3. She just started a couple months ago. One of my friends in Nashville does graphic design... lucky me! One day we're going to live across the alley again. :)

  4. What a sweet mom you have - and talented. However, Granny did you and your sister very wrong by those rompers! But, you did get on Ellen - so Granny did good by doing so very bad!


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