Ahh.. sweet November

November 1, 2010

Im so glad its fall, but fall in Texas fakes you out for a while. Like it will be sweater weather one day all day long and you can't believe you finally get to wear your anthropologie sweater... and then the next day it starts out sweater weather and by 2pm you want to jump in a pool. I have a sweater on right now fully knowing the high is 80. Take that weather.

Surely I have talked about a Year of Mornings already (a photo book of two friend's mornings for 365 days). Its so inspiring and makes me look at the beauty of morning time and routines. One morning I was up early and the sun was just peeking out and turning everything pink:

This is not actually wood for fires... as fall, and Rob, would suggest. Its for cake plates! Yep, I'm still going strong selling those things. And exciting news... they are about to be picked up by a store! Can't tell which one yet but its a good one... Here's some new pictures of those:

And we carved pumpkins, that owl lasted about 12 hours before he fell off the "branch"

p.s. Im about to finish a before and after furniture piece... check back soon!

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