Good Morning!

November 22, 2010

I love mornings. This morning my sweet husband let me sleep, took the dogs out and the gated them off in the living room and kitchen so they wouldn't come cry at me to get up. So I wake up come into the living room and Sam takes off down the hall.... "That's weird," I think. OH no its not so weird... she's been chewing on the corner of the cushion of my new chairs!!!!!!! I really almost threw up. I was super mad but I feel like its my fault, its been colder and we haven't been outside nearly as much. So my wisdom to you, WALK YOUR DOGS.

On another note, the poppytalk handmade holiday market #2 is up and running and my cake plates are in it along with some other really cool items.

Enjoy your coffee, then go throw the ball with your dog...

1 comment:

  1. Oh no!! Thats happened to me before to with our dog- a large and energetic black lab. Way take her for numerous walks!


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