Yellow Hater

August 21, 2010

I've never been a yellow person. Sadly, upon moving in, ALL of my house was painted in different shades of yellow. Well, I take that back. One was baby pink and the other baby blue. So I have started the last leg of the journey to cover up the yellow!! Started painting last night- a crisp "wheatstone gray" as Martha calls it.

Apparently, yellow is super happy and cheery, and sells houses faster.... so I feel like a "happy hater" painting over it all with my gray browns and whites. So here is my attempt to apologize to yellow and all it stands for.

This blog "Words to Shoot By" gives its members a word and then they take three pictures to represent that word however they see fit. I could not be more in love with this...

Bruise like a Peach Farm

August 16, 2010

Ever play Jeopardy? When I lived with my sister in college we had a score board and would play every night against each other. Then one day she memorized all the presidents in order. She won. There's one category "Before & After" where they use one word for two different phrases... for example "Bruise like a (Peach) Farm." Ok... so maybe "Peach Farm" isn't a phrase.

In my past jobs I basically get paid to get beat up. I work with kids with autism and developmental disabilities and I am usually covered in bruises. I love them, and I love the unique things they say and do but I go to work stressed and come home with migraines and the shins of a soccer player. Is it really worth it... for me?

I am currently unemployed and I keep thinking what if I do something completely different... like work on a peach farm... and friends... if I want it... I have a very part time job on a peach farm! This weekend my husband and I went to a farmers market. Just looking at farmers markets... and farmers... make me smile. In an effort to decipher my path in life I bought alot of peaches... (and a teal carafe at a flea market!)

How to Tame an Elk

August 11, 2010

It's been a while! I have been traveling and traveling and now hopefully it will come to a stop. I wanted to share some quick stories and pictures.

Taming an Elk
We were in Steamboat, CO for a week staying at a family friends home. We hiked and ate and sat outside without sweating... and one night... found an elk. This is a giant bronze elk belonging to the nosy old neighbor. My sister hoped up and took a picture...

Meet Danay...
"Danielle, now you get up there!" says my mother. But I know the guy who owns it is definitely looking out the window. Just as I get on, he comes out the front door. Notice my moms eyes glancing over at him. Guilty.

And here is me feeling caught.
The next morning the old man drove by and asked us if we were going to tame the elk today.
"Yes Sir."

My friends are having BABIES!!! Im old for sure.

Other lovely shots:

Can you get a feel for my sister? Ha.
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