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September 6, 2011

I've been taking pictures to do blog posts and then I don't do it! But sometimes these are more entertaining than focused posts. So here we go! 

Finally took my mom to Tiny Boxwoods. Love. Thank you to
 Kendall Cockerham for introducing me to this jewel.
(Also you should follow her on pinterest because
she's like the Rachel Zoe of pinterest.)

Bought this awesome old bike... and decided I would like
a new "old" bike. oops. Let me know if you want it! I'll give you good price!

Lola, just normal...

Lola, when you say "Zucoto Cake"

Sonia and me at Wild West dancing it up

 The decor room, My cake plates would have been here.... OH WELL.

these glass cases hold independent designers jewelry. so cool. 

I like that the shoe room "has wings"

This was a little scary. 
The hall of Brides

I liked this wall. 

Fresh flowers everywhere

The lighting in the fitting areas with mirrored ceilings 

The mirror at the end of the hall of brides
who wouldn't look good framed like this?!
Also, you can see me in there with my new anthro skirt!

Would you wear this?

They look guilty...

A card Sonia found in the sale bin at Anthro....

Made home-made pizza with half real cheese- half fake.
the "blurry" side is the actually just real cheese. 
But the fake side was just as good :) 

New cards in the etsy shop that is up and running again

First glimpse of fall morning!!! 

Remember that sweater I couldn't find?! Well, found it online finally 
and its sold out in my size. ugh.

Stay tuned/ Run to Barnes and Noble 
to grab a copy of the November issue of Food Network Magazine 
out October 18th
where my cake plates are featured!!!! 

 I leave for Europe the 17th so someone 
let me know how it turns out!

Sometimes People look like dogs

August 17, 2011

You know you've thought it. Even pretty people can look like dogs and other animals. Just sayin'.

Before and After: Side Table

August 16, 2011

More than a year ago I bought this little blue guy for $7.00 in the "little Mexico" of Fort Worth. And that could have been mostly anywhere in fort worth. One time we went to a park not thinking about what day it was and it was the craziest sit on horses with sombreros eating snow cones fiesta I have ever seen. There were even tons of police and one of them asked us, "Why are you here? Go home!" 
It was cinco de mayo. Anyway. 


The after process:
 prime and paint white

filled in holes with wood filler, paint teal

I found martha stewart die-cut paper to use as a stencil.

and here it is... 
for Juliana, one of my sister's very 
sweet friends!

BHLDN Spying

August 11, 2011

The word is out that BHLDN or Beholden (I really liked my idea of Bridal House London) as it is said, is opening its first brick and mortar store in Houston, Texas. Naturally I sought this out and brought my camera. They move fast so it doesn't even look this empty anymore... AND they made this swan thing and that back of it is made out of chairs! There was a group of ladies sitting a crafty table doing this. I don't have a picture because they could see me taking a picture and thats embarrassing. 

those little black "dots" are actually metal flowers... they would.

Also, just to guess.. they are going to use some pallet decor that 
is so popular right now despite its grunginess. Or maybe its just pallets. 

This store is actually where they had pet adoptions every weekend... 
and I bought Sammy there! Special place to me. They also contacted me a 
while back to sell my cake stands. SO EXCITING. BUT it fell through
Im a little sad but it was really a smarter decision NOT to go with them. 
I feel special about it the thought that they wanted it though.

Past BHLDN is Williams Sonoma and then Anthro. I just
bought plane tickets to Ireland and Italy so Im not going to spend $$
So these are the pictures of the clothes I like in the dressing room. 
There's a sky light in there... they would.

This $118.00 skirt is here.

The shirt comes in blue and mustard also... its here
and belt was $28.00 here.

I came back to get this and it was nowhere to
be found! I can't find it online either. You can
see it right? Its not a ghost shirt that shows up
as a glare in pictures?

It got better with these pants! 

I got this to make a used car salesmen joke
but it turned out to be cute instead.
they would. 
Why do I cut my face out? In consideration for your feelings.
Because I make really bad ugly faces like this. 

you're welcome.

Cake Plates in Action!!!

August 1, 2011

Well I am so happy that one of the brides sent me pictures of how she used the cake plate in her wedding! It was so well thought out (the whole wedding and decor). Loved this!! It was a feature in Style Me Pretty and you can see all the photos here!

Thanks Cyndi!

A before and after and more...

July 24, 2011

HEY! Look at me not waiting a month to post again! Since everyone loves before and afters Im going to put it LAST so you have pay attention to all my rantings first. (apparently rantings isn't a word, its red lining) But not really just do as you please with your eyes and your scrolling mechanisms. 

Rob and I went to the last showing of the Bill Cunningham documentary on Friday night. Bill has been the "Fashion on the Street" photographer for a LONG time for the New York Times. He tries to find trends and interesting ideas... and for an 80 something year old he does a perfect job, and he's precious. He lives the most meager life I have ever seen. Maybe a little too meager. The DVD comes out the 13th of September and I think Im going to buy it so one day I can sit down with my kids and have a "mom's favorite films" time and discuss it over milk and cookies... and maybe chewy sprees.

my HEB carries sprees by the pound 
and most of them are RED! Give it up 
Sorry special friends, no red 40 sprees for you.) 

In addition to watching his documentary, you can see his pictures and hear his narration weekly on  fashion section then Fashion on the Street segment.
This week: Blue is in!


OK to the before and after. Rob's aunt gave us a table to re-do like Nov 2010, she is the principal of a preschool and this was an antique childrens' table and chairs. 

I'm super lame and didn't get a before shot of the table, so imagine with me: Layers and layers of white paint, drawn on, banged up, and clumpy. 

Here are the chairs:

step one: paint the seats brown to get ready 
for the stencil (found at michael's on sale for $0.99)!!

sand the clumpyness off the legs:

sand and stain the top that actually had a really neat design under the layers of yuck...

build a new corner, I used Elmers wood filler

 spray paint a section of the legs for a stripe

parts I missed: Blew up lower case ABCs using illustrator and Garamound font, 
printed on cardstock to make a stencil, traced and painted them on the table top


After thoughts: I used a restickable adhesive to adhere the stencil to the chairs
but then it didn't come off so I had to goo-gone every letter :(
If you have a better way to do this let me know! Also I wouldn't have
spray painted the legs and chairs (except the stencil part) because I think
it looks crappier than painting. I spray painted in the interest of time.

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