before and After... disaster!

January 28, 2011

Well a good bit ago I showed y'all a picture of the 60s coffee table and then gave a sneak peek and you still haven't seen it because its still not done. I'm starting to hate this chunk of wood.

Here's the before:
Here's the sneak peek:
So now its polyurethaned (except the legs... ugh) and I tried lining the drawer with pretty paper like all the cool furniture redoing people do...

Well this is the disaster part:

It got all bubbly and was wrinkly so I had to rip it out.
So now I have to sand this AGAIN.
Wallpaper works much better than just paper paper... but I really don't know where to find cute yet cheap graphic wall paper. HELP! I want to be finished!!

On a different note... my cake plates got picked up by an AWESOME new store... more on that later!!!

Also, as promised, my Valentines Postcards are now for sale :)

I could own a farm....?

January 24, 2011

So lately, and by lately I mean over the last 5-7 years, I have been in love with farmers and farms. I can only explain this by saying, I know its in my blood somewhere. I used to drive 50 miles north of Lubbock to work everyday and would see the farmers out and about on their tractors in wee morning hours. I would just imagine them all bundled up with their thermoses (possibly listening to ipods, but probably AM radio). Then I would think about no matter how much they work and do a good job, most of their job is up to God, by means of the weather.

I remember my roommates boyfriend yelling at the tv because the weather announcer interrupted a basketball game, and then subsequently me yelling at him in defense of the farmer who would want that weather update.

Today, on craigslist, I saw a post saying, "i'll take your abandoned lambs." Apparently mothers reject some of their babies and people just take them to the auction houses. But this person will take them and will "feed them with a bottle." I cried a little, and then wrote that person an email and asked if I could come see the lambs she or he has rescued. I'll keep you posted.

Better Together

January 20, 2011

I found this on Etsy this morning and loved it! Would be a good Valentine's gift.
From Earmark

Also, I just bought this bedding from Target for the guest room and
1. It's really cute and I like it.
2. It smells like the syrup kid from elementary school.
3. Its got weird brown marks all over it.
4. I thought it came with pillow shams and does not
.... basically....
but here's a picture anyway.

Heart on a String

January 19, 2011

So my picture a day lasted about two days. A great thought though :) SO what's new...

1. I am now working part time at Byrd & Bleecker. A very cute stationary store on Camp Bowie. I have now become so educated in fine paper and letter press there is no way I can go back! Oh well.

2. Still working with special behaviorally challenged friends... My latest guy I have named "Tiny Ross Geller" because he could work in a museum.

3. Favorite quotes of the last week:
A. "Noooooo- ONLY NON-FICTION!"- Tiny Ross Geller
B. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo Davinci

4. My aunt gave me this old heart sequin stuff to sell (like what your mom sewed onto your jean jackets in the 80s) and BOOM 4 yards have sold!!


+ this


Then I liked these pictures so much that I made them into postcards... that are going to be for sale starting the 26th on Etsy. This also means that if they don't sell that you will be getting lots of post cards for valentines and other heart-felt occasions

Also, lots of new (but very old) awesome patterned Reader's Digest for sale!

It begins again...

January 3, 2011

Inspired by "a year of mornings" I want to start taking a picture a day.

Day 1 "Get Organized"

Day 2
"You can observe a lot by watching" - Yogi Berra

And so it ends...

Hello! Its been a while! Here's a look back on the holidays~

Papa had a very sweet memorial service...

Doggy Christmas Picture
{Lola, Lucy, Charley, & Sam}

Annual {stand in front of the tree} Picture,
I think we look older this year

Sister finally decided to help in the kitchen,
While holding this can she asks,
"Is this soup?"

Nanny Leffel Skypes!

And then sings us, "Victory in Jesus."

Lola steals Sam's Christmas
Happy New Year!
{Seafood + Are you smarter than a 5th grader wii games= good fun}

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