before and After... disaster!

January 28, 2011

Well a good bit ago I showed y'all a picture of the 60s coffee table and then gave a sneak peek and you still haven't seen it because its still not done. I'm starting to hate this chunk of wood.

Here's the before:
Here's the sneak peek:
So now its polyurethaned (except the legs... ugh) and I tried lining the drawer with pretty paper like all the cool furniture redoing people do...

Well this is the disaster part:

It got all bubbly and was wrinkly so I had to rip it out.
So now I have to sand this AGAIN.
Wallpaper works much better than just paper paper... but I really don't know where to find cute yet cheap graphic wall paper. HELP! I want to be finished!!

On a different note... my cake plates got picked up by an AWESOME new store... more on that later!!!

Also, as promised, my Valentines Postcards are now for sale :)


  1. You are one talented girl--I love everything you do---I'm so proud of you. I love you, Mom

  2. I love those postcards and the rounded corners!

    I think the coffee table is coming along. Can't wait to see it finished! (I'm sure your drawer will be perfectly papered!)


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