Heart on a String

January 19, 2011

So my picture a day lasted about two days. A great thought though :) SO what's new...

1. I am now working part time at Byrd & Bleecker. A very cute stationary store on Camp Bowie. I have now become so educated in fine paper and letter press there is no way I can go back! Oh well.

2. Still working with special behaviorally challenged friends... My latest guy I have named "Tiny Ross Geller" because he could work in a museum.

3. Favorite quotes of the last week:
A. "Noooooo- ONLY NON-FICTION!"- Tiny Ross Geller
B. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo Davinci

4. My aunt gave me this old heart sequin stuff to sell (like what your mom sewed onto your jean jackets in the 80s) and BOOM 4 yards have sold!!


+ this


Then I liked these pictures so much that I made them into postcards... that are going to be for sale starting the 26th on Etsy. This also means that if they don't sell that you will be getting lots of post cards for valentines and other heart-felt occasions

Also, lots of new (but very old) awesome patterned Reader's Digest for sale!

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