I could own a farm....?

January 24, 2011

So lately, and by lately I mean over the last 5-7 years, I have been in love with farmers and farms. I can only explain this by saying, I know its in my blood somewhere. I used to drive 50 miles north of Lubbock to work everyday and would see the farmers out and about on their tractors in wee morning hours. I would just imagine them all bundled up with their thermoses (possibly listening to ipods, but probably AM radio). Then I would think about no matter how much they work and do a good job, most of their job is up to God, by means of the weather.

I remember my roommates boyfriend yelling at the tv because the weather announcer interrupted a basketball game, and then subsequently me yelling at him in defense of the farmer who would want that weather update.

Today, on craigslist, I saw a post saying, "i'll take your abandoned lambs." Apparently mothers reject some of their babies and people just take them to the auction houses. But this person will take them and will "feed them with a bottle." I cried a little, and then wrote that person an email and asked if I could come see the lambs she or he has rescued. I'll keep you posted.

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