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June 6, 2011

Well friends, sorry about my lack of postage. Here are some updates! Let start with today and work backwards for all those kids with last names starting with "W" and "Z"who were traumatized by alphabetical order... 

Now: Just found a nice little shot of my small cake plate on MaryHadaLittleParty and found this awesome "woodsy number set" downloadable free here!

Dinner time: I made garlicky/soy sauce broccoli and pork chops. Not being a fan of pork chops I decided to cover them in sauce. Thought I would try A1 steak sauce because I hadn't before. I swear to you it tastes just like coca-cola. I swear it.


Before dinner: Started my Illustrator 101 class (by Nicole's Classes) and learned about raster and vector. Vector is magical.

Earlier: Went to the doctor and was excited to wait so I could read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. But because life works contrary to your wantings... it was the fastest doctor visit ever. 

Earlier than that: Sam ate a lizard and then threw it up. :/ 

Morning: Said goodbye to a friend over coffee. She is moving to Dublin today! I want to say something Irish but all I can think of is "Bloody Hell!"which is surely british and "G'day!" I did learn that alot of people from Ireland go to Australia.  
So here's to you Courtney: I Chrew Chree Chrees.

Sunday: Submitted our lease agreement for our new rental house that we move into the 15th!

Weekend: Spent a very relaxed weekend with Tim and Laurel (of a little white noise) in New Branfuls. A big thank you for the break of busyness. 

Before that: Working, laundry, taking the BCBA exam, trying to figure out life, pulling the tacks from the chair to be covered in this material if I can ever get the wood refinished! 


Back to the Future: 
I'll try to be better about posting... I have, however, been posting wedding invites and inspiration boards at work. All that prettiness can be found here.

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