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July 24, 2011

HEY! Look at me not waiting a month to post again! Since everyone loves before and afters Im going to put it LAST so you have pay attention to all my rantings first. (apparently rantings isn't a word, its red lining) But not really just do as you please with your eyes and your scrolling mechanisms. 

Rob and I went to the last showing of the Bill Cunningham documentary on Friday night. Bill has been the "Fashion on the Street" photographer for a LONG time for the New York Times. He tries to find trends and interesting ideas... and for an 80 something year old he does a perfect job, and he's precious. He lives the most meager life I have ever seen. Maybe a little too meager. The DVD comes out the 13th of September and I think Im going to buy it so one day I can sit down with my kids and have a "mom's favorite films" time and discuss it over milk and cookies... and maybe chewy sprees.

my HEB carries sprees by the pound 
and most of them are RED! Give it up 
Sorry special friends, no red 40 sprees for you.) 

In addition to watching his documentary, you can see his pictures and hear his narration weekly on  fashion section then Fashion on the Street segment.
This week: Blue is in!


OK to the before and after. Rob's aunt gave us a table to re-do like Nov 2010, she is the principal of a preschool and this was an antique childrens' table and chairs. 

I'm super lame and didn't get a before shot of the table, so imagine with me: Layers and layers of white paint, drawn on, banged up, and clumpy. 

Here are the chairs:

step one: paint the seats brown to get ready 
for the stencil (found at michael's on sale for $0.99)!!

sand the clumpyness off the legs:

sand and stain the top that actually had a really neat design under the layers of yuck...

build a new corner, I used Elmers wood filler

 spray paint a section of the legs for a stripe

parts I missed: Blew up lower case ABCs using illustrator and Garamound font, 
printed on cardstock to make a stencil, traced and painted them on the table top


After thoughts: I used a restickable adhesive to adhere the stencil to the chairs
but then it didn't come off so I had to goo-gone every letter :(
If you have a better way to do this let me know! Also I wouldn't have
spray painted the legs and chairs (except the stencil part) because I think
it looks crappier than painting. I spray painted in the interest of time.

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