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September 6, 2011

I've been taking pictures to do blog posts and then I don't do it! But sometimes these are more entertaining than focused posts. So here we go! 

Finally took my mom to Tiny Boxwoods. Love. Thank you to
 Kendall Cockerham for introducing me to this jewel.
(Also you should follow her on pinterest because
she's like the Rachel Zoe of pinterest.)

Bought this awesome old bike... and decided I would like
a new "old" bike. oops. Let me know if you want it! I'll give you good price!

Lola, just normal...

Lola, when you say "Zucoto Cake"

Sonia and me at Wild West dancing it up

 The decor room, My cake plates would have been here.... OH WELL.

these glass cases hold independent designers jewelry. so cool. 

I like that the shoe room "has wings"

This was a little scary. 
The hall of Brides

I liked this wall. 

Fresh flowers everywhere

The lighting in the fitting areas with mirrored ceilings 

The mirror at the end of the hall of brides
who wouldn't look good framed like this?!
Also, you can see me in there with my new anthro skirt!

Would you wear this?

They look guilty...

A card Sonia found in the sale bin at Anthro....

Made home-made pizza with half real cheese- half fake.
the "blurry" side is the actually just real cheese. 
But the fake side was just as good :) 

New cards in the etsy shop that is up and running again

First glimpse of fall morning!!! 

Remember that sweater I couldn't find?! Well, found it online finally 
and its sold out in my size. ugh.

Stay tuned/ Run to Barnes and Noble 
to grab a copy of the November issue of Food Network Magazine 
out October 18th
where my cake plates are featured!!!! 

 I leave for Europe the 17th so someone 
let me know how it turns out!

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