I'm BEAMing

January 16, 2012

I am so excited to be back with new blog members and daily posts! 
I will be posting Mondays about the store and home design, 
Kendall will post on Tuesdays about Fashion, 
Sophee will post Wednesdays about wedding planning and such, 
Danielle R. will post about cooking and health on Thursdays... 
and Danay will post Fridays about ... something :)

Rob and I are continuously looking at houses to buy. We currently live in a rental house... and we're done with it... but our lease says otherwise. So we escape our tiny cubical rental by searching homes and looking at pictures.

I have decided I want an older home because it has more character... and by character I mean BEAMS. Beams are so beautiful and add so much charm!

My "beam" now... go popcorn! 

My beam dreams...
via 1, 2
My current beam options... (utility is in the
Some one killed these beams
Don't paint the beams. ever. Even though this room does look good. 

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  1. In our Tulsa house we had a tall living room ceiling with a large wooden beam in the middle of it. That's what I miss most about our house there...


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