In the Closet With Proenza Schouler…

January 17, 2012

Feeling like you need a little P.O.C. (pop of color) in your outfit to fight off the winter greys and blacks?? I spotted some Proenza Schouler bags online the other day and wowza. Not to mention their divine shoes, jewelry, clothes, I can go on and on. take a look at these beauties, it's true love. Check it!

I love their blanket tribal print and bright color scheme. These guys aren't afraid of color, which makes their pieces just perrrrfect for anyone who wants a little something special. So what’s with the name? I know right. Apparently these two fellas met in fashion school, and founded their brand after their mothers’ maiden names, Proenza and Schouler. You’re welcome. Now, back to the eye candy…

Can't afford their stuff? ME EITHER! In the mean time, you can always opt for a fabulous accessory like shoes, bracelets, or whatever fits your shopping budget! YOU CAN however, use their designs for your own inspiration the next time you shop. Check out some items I found on Asos that are Proenza inspired... (or at least I think so!)

Look alike: PS1 pouch

Look alike: PS1 keep bag

Look alike: PS1 large leather bag

Check out their story and full collections here…
Proenza Schouler

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