My House: The Official Tour (Part 1)

January 23, 2012

After living with my parents for 3 months, we finally sold the Ft.Worth house (praise God!), and we moved into this little jewel. Warning: These pictures look better than the actual house. Warning again: This is the cutest parts of the house... 
it goes down hill in part 2. 

Let's start in the backyard, its HUGE and the dogs love it, plenty of squirrels for chasing.
Also these pictures were taken one morning, this was the actual color outside, lovely. 
Mornings are indeed from Jesus. 

A nook with our Austin in 1887 map, Hunter Trunk, and Ikea pillows!

(somebody forgot to shut the roll top.. crap revealed)

Our previous TV stand now just a buffet

Roll top = hide lots o' crap.

Our Ikea Billy Bookcases are now serving as our "cupboard" due to lack of cabinets.

And now let's draw your attention up to the kitchen ceiling... yes, its a drop ceiling.
Try not to be jealous. 

View of living room from the kitchen...

What is the #1 thing you would change in your house? 

-Danielle G.

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