Pretty in Purple

February 17, 2012

What's my favorite color? Sparkly. Yes, that's a color. But purple is a very close second. Pastel purple seems to be a big trend this Spring season, and I am ready to jump on board with this one. Fact-everything and everybody looks pretty in purple! Pastel purple makes for a perfect daytime look...

And definitely go for royal purple to transition to the perfect night time look. This Kendra Scott necklace below is one of my all time favorite purple pieces of jewelry! Pair any of these perfect purple accessories with a little black dress and you are ready for a night out on the town!

images** pastel Sorrelli necklace, pastel purple/gold dress, pastel purple handbag, shoes, Kendra Scott necklace, royal purple handbag



  1. I might possibly have zero purple in my closet! I love a sort of eggplant hue of purple, but don't think I have any. Now I'm off to online shop! (Also, I think I saw shoes really similar to that on the other day, for like $35 or something cheap!)

    1. I love! I am such a sucker for all those flash sale sites. There are so many President Day sales this weekend, i highly recommend some online shopping :)


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