Right as Rain

February 9, 2012

I really love umbrellas, which is a little ironic because I really hate thunderstorms and pouring down rain... Im still trying to figure that one out in my mind. I have always been drawn to photography and artwork featuring umbrellas. My first ever umbrella painting came from the owner of a coffee shop called Zebos where Danielle used to work. I saw it on the wall and could never get it out of my head. Years later, we were able to track down the owner and buy it off the wall of her home office! I have collected cards, posters, and paintings of umbrellas ever since. Thankfully I can keep track of all my umbrella treasures on Pinterest, the greatest website ever! I don't know what is is about these functional accessories that I love so much, but I'm going to keep up collecting and pinning my heart out! These are some of my absolute favorite images... Recognize the couple under the rainbow umbrella? :)

Rob & Danielle Goates!
Some of my favorite pieces of umbrella artwork...


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