Say Yes to the Dress

February 8, 2012

Now tell me, who isn’t obsessed with the show Say Yes to the Dress? Okay probably most people, but if you have ever donned the roll of bride, I'm betting you've watched it. It is Danay and my guilty pleasure. So when looking at dresses, I’m not going to try to please everyone here. I know style varies... drastically. An example you ask? Well Danay wants to wear a custom designed Pnina Tornai gown, probably empire or princess cut completely covered in jewels… I’m talking "give a 2-year-old one of those bejeweled guns and let them decorate" covered. And I would imagine myself in Chiffon or Taffeta like the last one by Ms. Vera Wang herself… a girl can dream right? Whichever your style, nothing beats wedding dress shopping! Unless you are a particular bride like my sister or our beloved Danielle, in which case you may need to bring a bottle of vino along! 

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