Workout Clothes Wish List

February 9, 2012

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I was finally convinced to give up the stinky cotton t-shirts while working out. Cotton is the worst thing to work out in as it just absorbs all the sweat and smell. I started with the Target brand and then I found Nike and it was all over! I have done a little exploring and found some other brands that caught my eye as well.

Nice workout clothes are expensive, but if you are anything like me you also use them to lounge in or go to the store in (you know so everyone will think you just worked out, but really you were just too lazy to get ready for the day!).


Reebok is making a big comeback so I decided to check out some of their stuff and was very impressed. Reebok reminds me of my childhood when I would get a brand new pair of white Reebok’s every fall before school started. “Why white?” you ask. Because they matched everything! Well I have come a long way because as you can tell from my wish list I am a fan of color!

How awesome is it that they have back pockets!

I love yellow! And these remind me of the Brad Paisley song “She’s Everything” – “She’s a yellow pair of running shoes…”


If I wasn’t such a fan of Nike, I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait around for the website to load. Plus it is has a poor layout where it is hard to make it back to the main page. I think they tried to get too creative and I do not like it, but I love their products.

 Comfy + practical = perfect!

Love it in the light violet, but I would take it in all colors!

Coral is so in!


I do not own any Lululemon, but I always find myself browsing their site. They are known for great yoga clothes. And by the prices, they are very proud of their products which according to their fans are well worth it!

Way cute, but the reviews are mixed so it makes me a little worried about whether it actually works or is too tight? The only thing that I have found that works 100% of the time is a small plastic headband.

These are way cute and do not even look like workout pants. They have one of the top ratings too by almost 200 people!

The North Face

I don’t always think North Face when shopping for workout clothes, but I have some of their yoga pants that I got at BassPro Shop and they are my favorite! (And yes you heard all of that right. There are some good finds that can be found at the BassPro)

Love the length on this top.

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