California 101

March 15, 2012

Today I'm continuing with Danielle's Spring Break theme. In honor of my first year as a graduate and not being given official time off, my boyfriend and I decided to take the week off anyway! Wish I could always celebrate SB, but this is probably our last so I thought I'd go out big. I just got back from California with my boyfriend's family and am headed off to New York tomorrow with Danay. So I thought I'd share some pics of California with you. Maybe you have been there, maybe you knew how beautiful it is... but I have and did not. I am completely in love. Honestly, starting the job hunt next week, any recommendations? I don't understand how some people call this home, seriously jealous.
This is a real house... and a real garden! Are you kidding?
 In front of the Dell Hotel in Coronado
Speaking of California and with weddings on my mind, what are your thoughts on beach wedings? I found some pictures of local Cali weddings on the beach. I have never been a huge fan until lately, but I mean you really can't get any more beautiful. What are your thoughts? Regardless, the overall lesson here is... go visit California!

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