Go ahead, eat that chocolate

March 29, 2012

We know that things are ok in moderation. That has been my mantra because when I completely deprive myself of something (mainly sweets), I always fall off the wagon. If I allow myself a cheat day (or days) then I tend to eat healthier for my meals and other snacks to make up for my cheat.

Also, according to an article in the USA Today this week, chocolate may not be all bad. This does not mean you should go grab that chocolate donut you crave every morning, but there is some science supporting people who don’t completely deprive themselves of sweets. According to the study, the group that ate chocolate every day tended to have 1 point lower on the BMI scale than those who didn’t eat chocolate.  Plus chocolate has been shown to lower heart and stroke risks. Dark chocolate boasts the greatest health benefits. They have more flavonoids than regular chocolate. Flavonoids keep cholesterol from gathering in in the blood vessels (WebMD). I will definitely break off a piece of dark chocolate for that!

So pass the cocoa!
Danielle R.

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