Go Greek

March 8, 2012


Have you heard about the great benefits of Greek yogurt? It is lower in sugar and can be up to double the amount of protein found in regular yogurt. A good comparison of the two is here at U.S.News.

The YorkDaily Record described Greek yogurt as the Jeremy Lin of food products (for all of you sports fans), launching out of nowhere. In each of the last three years, Greek yogurt sales have grown over 100% (according to Nielsen). I should have bought some Fage stock.
There are flavored and plain. Just make sure you read the nutrition facts on the label because some of the flavored versions have packed in some sugar.
So how are some easy ways you can incorporate this popular healthy ingredient into your diet?

1.   Mix it with ranch dressing seasoning packet to make a healthy veggie dip (instead of sour cream) or you can buy an already made Greek veggie dip by Otria.

2.   Mix it with some not so healthy Nutella for a scrumptious fruit dip!

3.   Use it instead of mayonnaise to make a healthier chicken salad.

4.   Mix it with your favorite cereal or granola for a more protein-packed breakfast instead of using milk (I sprinkle some Splenda and cinnamon over mine)

5.   Blend it with some frozen fruit to make a smoothie.

6.   Top onto a whole wheat waffle with fresh berries for a healthy substitute for syrup.
What are ways that you Go Greek?

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