Spring Break Hodge Podge

March 12, 2012

This post is going to be a bit all over the map. I got off work on Friday at 3:30 running out of the door with a smile on my face and then I have spent endless hours on elena's pantry, pinterest and at craft stores. That was my topic sentences, here are the supporting details.


I have a confession. I am in love with sugar. So much so that I am addicted and it is/was out of control.  My friend at work, Amy, a self taught diet expert, made me a food plan for a sugar detox. The only sugar I was allowed was honey and fruit. Only natural sugars... and the ones in margaritas :)  I followed the plan and had withdrawals like a drug addict. I fell asleep at all times of the day, got angry or sangry (sugar angry) had dreams about ice cream cakes,  and then just got sad. BUT after a week Im starting to feel better! Its crazy how your pallet adjusts to less sugary-ness and even less sugared foods start to taste sweeter. I feel calmer and of course... healthier. 

Another thing Amy showed me was the App (or website) it lets you see the breakdown of what you're eating... and the grams of sugar you're consuming! Try it out and friend me! goatesd is my username.  Let me know if you are going to quit sugar. We can make an online support group :) Oh yeah, this is where Elana's Pantry blog comes in... she has TONS of gluten free recipes and even a sugar free paleo diet meal plan

About Amy:  She says, "Its countercultural to reject sugar." Very true. I didn't realize this til I took it out of my diet. Amy has food allergies (Gluten, dairy, peanuts) and has her kids are very healthy diets and eats a lot of raw organic vegetables. (She introduced me to the Rawfully Organic Co-op) If you would like her expertise contact me at and I will hook you up with her!

How cool is this (out of focus) table runner? I've got some parties to plan this year so I'm slowly gathering some ideas.. love this one! I was also asked to decorate a set at church and get to "rent"(for free) some of my stuff to friends for their wedding! Love that things get reused to be memorable many times over.

There's a reason there's a map of the UK up there. Rob applied for a job/ exchange for a year to either Aberdeen, Scotland or London. We find out at the end of April if we go or not. Exciting times! Now what am I going to do for a year in either place? Ideas? 

Have a great Spring Break!


  1. We will go visit you in either ;) Miss you friend! I am impressed you quit sugar.

  2. I would love for all 4 Rices to come visit!! Miss you too :)


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