Work that Up-Do

March 6, 2012

If you don't recognize the phrase, "work that up-do" then please click here for reference video from Mad TV.

Two of my friends, Emily, and Danielle R (who posts on Thursdays), went shopping with me the other day, and we discovered pony tail holders that are rubber-less! No pull, no crease in your hair, no ripping out your hair when you take it out!

The great thing is that they are super cute, and if you're like me and keep a pony-tail holder on your wrist at all times, then these little guys double as a bracelet or a headband! Two teenage girls from L.A. designed these in practically every color. If you're like me and wear a pony-tail almost everyday, then these are worth every penny. I got a pack of 6 for 11 dollars.

Here's 2 pictures me sporting my new pink hair tie. Love these things.

The creators of these simple and multipurpose hair ties have been featured in practically every magazine out there. Here's their website!


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