Country Living Fair AUSTIN

April 30, 2012

I went to Austin this weekend (like most weekends it seems) and stayed with Laurel from A little white noise blog... and somehow convinced her to go to the old lady fair Country Living fair. I had seen people go to these and be super happy about them on their blogs so I wanted to have that blogger experience. Above we are in anthropologie and then super blurred out because crazy furniture lady doesn't know how to take pictures. 

best furniture picks:

only $125 each!! 
 Best animal awards:

Wish I had a ranch pick:

anthropologie makes me mad because of their awesomeness in their chandelier made of slides:

I did actually buy stuff. I'll show you later! Happy Monday. 

-Danielle G.

Mud Pits, Fire And Barbed Wire, Oh My!

April 26, 2012

Have you heard of these crazy, extreme races that have mud pits, fire and barbed wire? Warrior Dash, Spartan Run and Tough Mudder are the various races for obstacle-infested runs through the woods. Here are some of the descriptions from their websites - 
  • Tough Mudder is not your average lame-ass mud run or spirit-crushing 'endurance' road race.
  • Simply, Spartan Race is the world’s leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget!
  • Warrior Dash - A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k run from hell.
These remind me of a Gladiator competition or Nickelodeon's Guts show.

If you are a child of the 90s, you know you wanted to race to the top of the Aggro Crag

Some of these mega runs can be as long as a half or full marathon! So if you think I am crazy for doing a 5k and swimming through mud, imagine the crazies that  run 12 miles and go through an obstacle that literally electrocutes them during the Tough Mudder. These races have gotten really popular and you can find all the details, dates and locations of upcoming runs.

This was my hubby and my 2nd Warrior Dash and I can say we were 6 minutes faster than our first! It may have been that Tulsa's was straight up hill the whole time or the fact that the steps to climb down some of the obstacles were longer than my legs, but I like to think we are experienced warriors.

If just doing the run for shear satisfaction isn't enough, you get a cool T-shirt (pictured below), medal and warrior helmet! (and maybe a few scratches and bruises if you are lucky)

Unfortunately I didn't get any action shots of us during the race and after being completely covered in mud, we went directly to get hosed off so these are some of our post warrior pics.


                                                          The hubby and I

Check out races in your area!
Warrior Danielle R.

The Bride and Groom

April 25, 2012

My sister will probably kill me for doing this, but their engagement pictures are up!! And they are amazingggggg!!! They went out to Wimberley with photographer Phillip Glickman just last Friday. Go to the blog and see all the images! Have you ever seen people so beautiful?? No, I am not just biased!! Obsessed with my sister and brother-in-law to be... and their wedding!!

Let's Talk Tinted Moisturizers

April 24, 2012

I don't know about you, but I really don't like spending more than 2-5 minutes doing my make-up. Fast, simple, and easy is best for me! Don't get me wrong, I like getting spiffed up when the occasion calls for it, but for my everyday look, I just want something simple and effective. I've never really been a gal who wears foundation, but I really really like tinted moisturizer. In one product, you get skin protection with SPF and an even skin tone to boot! Good things friends, good things. 

I've tried several light foundations/moisturizers, but I narrowed it down to three that I feel are super stellar and work for all skin types so check it out! And YES I've worn all of these, so my review is legit, I promise!

No.1- Erno Laszlo: Shake It Foundation- 48.00. This stuff is crazy fun. When I first moved to Houston, hello humidity, you can't even walk outside for five minutes without sweating because the humidity is out of control! Forget makeup, can I just stop sweating??! Just being honest here...
So basically I wanted something lightweight and oil free for my skin. Erno Laszlo's Shake It Foundation nailed it. This stuff is liquid, literally like water, and you shake it in the bottle then apply it to your skin with a cotton ball. It goes on cool and clean, almost like a toner, but it gives you an oil free/shine free finish, similar to a powder finish without the heaviness of foundation. The only downside is there's no SPF, but you could easily put on your sunscreen before you apply it. This is my top pick if you live somewhere ridiculously hot or humid!! 

No.2- Dr. Perricone: No Foundation Foundation. I LOVE THIS STUFF- 55.00.  It comes in one color which may seem weird, but it adjusts to your skin tone. So weather I look crazy pale in December or more tan in July, I only need one color, one bottle. This stuff is SPF 30, and gives you a perfect even skin tone with a dewy finish. I've received several compliments on my skin when I wear this stuff! I'm telling you, it's awesome! Either that, or people are just being nice :) 

No.3- Smashbox: Tinted Moisturizer- 30.00.This stuff feels so cool on your skin. Literally, cool as in temperature. I can only describe it as being similar to having tree tea oil on your skin, it feels minty fresh, but there's no minty smell. Your skin feels cold for about 30 minutes after you put it on. I love it! I first tried this product about four years ago, and it gives you an all over even skin tone with SPF 15. I bought two shades, one for winter and one for summer. I mixed the shades when my skin was in between colors and it worked perfectly. 

Two Moisturizers I've heard great things about AND want to try are: 

1. Tarte's Smooth Operator-oil Free Tinted Moisturizer-36.00. Tarte is known for making "natural" based products, and this moisturizer is paraben free and the reviews are pretty spectacular! Check out Tarte's website for more details. 

2. Laura Mericer's Tinted Moisturizer- 42.00. This moisturizer is apparently lightweight and can replace your foundation in exchange for a natural finish and a healthy glowing complexion. SPF 20 and Oil free. I've used her primer and it's great, so I'm guessing her tinted moisturizer is pretty fabulous as well! For more details click here.

Do you use foundation or tinted moisturizer? What's your favorite?! 


Jump back... to Easter

April 23, 2012

Thought we might need some entertainment this Monday. Lucky for you I remembered I never shared the Lola Cotton-tail video. I has become our tradition to let Lola hunt easter eggs. This year we had to adjust her bunny "gear" because her head is too fat now. And then we fed her 30 treats. Enjoy.

Right as Rain

April 20, 2012

View Danay's full post at Kendra Scott's Blog

Eat This, Not That

April 19, 2012

Have you seen these famous books? They have guides that help you in supermarkets, restaurants, deciding what to drink, and even what to feed your kid. Their philosophy is not to diet, but to make healthier decisions with all aspects of eating and their guidebooks help you with that. You can sign up to get an email every week or go onto their website to find the advice.
I wanted to share with you some of my favorites –
1.      Best Cereal – Post Shredded Wheat
Per cup: 170 calories, 6 g protein, 40 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 1 g fat
     OK I admit, I have not actually tried this cereal (I love my cheerios!), but I am adding it to the grocery list this week

2.      Best pasta - Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Blend Spaghetti

Per ¼ cup (dry): 180 calories, 7 g protein, 6 g fiber

     I do use this one and it is really good!

3.      Best Milk – Organic Valley Reduced Fat

Per cup: 130 calories, 8 g protein, 12 g carbs, 5 g fat

Also the best chocolate milk - Organic Valley Reduced Fat Milk

Per cup: 170 calories, 8 g protein, 24 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 5 g fat

     I did just make the switch to organic milk… shhh don’t tell the husband!
4.      Best Sliced Cheese - Sargento Deli Style Swiss
    Per slice: 70 calories, 5 g protein, 0 g carbs, 5 g fat

5.      Best Ice Cream  - Breyer's All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip
Per ½ cup: 150 calories, 17 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 8 g fat
So you may have noticed my theme is carbs and dairy. Those are the things I crave the most so I thought I would show that you don’t have to completely cut them out of your diet, but if you make the right decisions and indulge in moderation, you can make it work!
So eat this, not that!
Danielle R.

The Bachelor(ette) Party

April 18, 2012

Back to wedding planning and scratching things off my list! What has been consuming most of my time and thoughts lately is the Bachelorette and Bachelor parties!! Now my sister and her fiance are not traditional, to say the least, so they are planning a joint party. It's going to be one huge weekend packed with dancing, games, golf, laying out lakeside and so many secrets I can't share yet- they have each planned a surprise event for the other. CANNOT WAIT!! It's not until this summer though so I'm not going to spill the details, but here are a few cute ideas I found like a wine tasting, karaoke, an adult camping trip... with s'mores!, or my personal favorite... the peddle party! What has been your favorite Bachelorette/Bachelor party activity? Anything cute ideas or suggestions I need to fit into our weekend??

Images: [1, 2, 34]


April 17, 2012

Recently I've been running across bargains, and who doesn't love a good find that's actually affordable? Something I adore about women, is that we tend to tell our mothers, co-workers and friends about awesome sales. If I happen to discover a lovely deal for a great price, then I'm always up for spilling the details about it! Here's a few things I've recently bought, or WANT TO BUY for under fifty dollars! 

1. TokyoMilk Everything and Nothing No.10. I bought this in January for 36.00 and you would too if you smelled the goodness from this bottle. If you like man scents, like me, then check out Margot Elena's scents. They are perfect for traveling and the scent stays with you all day.

2. Gap's Floppy Sun Hat in Pink. I found this online and thought it was delicious. Who doesn't love stripes? This hat makes me happy, especially since it's only 34.95. 

3. RD Style Soft Short. Loving these shorts for summertime. I don't like shorts that are too tight or too short and these seem to do the trick. Perfect for a dressed up evening or with sandals and a T-shirt, get them for 44.00 on Piperlime. 

4.Gap's Broken-In Straight Khakis. I'M OBSESSED WITH THESE. I bought three pair in blue, coral and green and I've already told at least 5 friends about them. I would recommend trying them on for size vs ordering online. Every style/pant fits differently. These are the perfect weight for summer, and are a great alternative to wearing shorts. Get yourself a pair for 49.95. 

5.Anthro's Smocked Maxi Chemise. On sale at Anthropologie right now for 49.95. Who doesn't look amazing in a maxi dress?  Get it in pink, yellow or navy. 

6. Zara's Cross Band Polka Dot Bikini. Teeny Weenie. You know the rest! Get the entire suit for 40.00, or do a mix and match, and buy one piece for 19.90. 

7. Knit Chevron Wristlet. Found it online at Anthropologie and considering that it was 188.00 and is now 49.95, I think it's definitely a must. Comes in either pink or yellow. What's your pick?

8. Noir's Shaka Wrap Around Bracelets. I'M ALSO OBSESSED WITH THESE. My lovely friend Claudia bought me one, and now I want one in every color! Get one for 45.00, great for gifts and will go with everything you wear.

9. Unlisted Kenneth Cole Braided White Sandals. These are super cute and come in tan, gold and white for 39.00. I'd buy one in every color. Thanks and you're welcome.

10. Pim + Larkin's Pipped Chiffon Blouse. Loving this. Silk shirts are the way to go in hot weather and this blouse comes in nude or blue for 47.99. Ow ow. 

11. F1733 Round Sunglasses. Do you lose your sunglasses? ME TOO! So I usually buy crap ones, so when I lose them I don't feel sad! These are only 5.80. Yes, five dollars friends, with no style compromised.  

12. Tribal Print Tote. I've been on the hunt for a new tote that will work for traveling, weekend trips or just for lugging around all my junk! This one is is pretty amazing, for only 39.90 from Express. 

Happy bargain shopping friend! I hope you found something that speaks to you!! 


Picture Day

April 16, 2012

Free People at City Centre • Houston
I feel sad for phone pictures because they never escape the 5x3 box they live in, even in texting... still all locked up. I think the reason i love my iPhone the most is because I see so many beautiful things and my phone is there to say "I recognize that, text that to Kendall." BE FREE phone pics, BE FREE!
The neighbors annual Easter potluck in the cul-de-sac 
design inspiration from old books @ an estate sale 
leaves on a path
Vines on a wall
Lonely Rose
wild raspberries in our field at work

The corner where one of our neighbors lost her life 4 years ago, this was her birthday this year. 
Please send me your trapped on phone picture beauties! I will post them!


Ohhhhh sometimes I get a COLOR FEELING yeah.

April 13, 2012

Vintage kitchen feelings • picture inspiration via
Have you seen these types of color palettes? They are freaking yes. I thought I would try my hand in this biz today, usually I am pinning these color schemes from design sponge, creature comforts, or design-seeds...  Its super important not to copy these color geniuses so circles and rectangles were out... so today I pioneer the hexagons of feeling! 

Anthocyanin Feelings • picture inspiration via

Wild flower feelings • picture inspiration via
-Danielle G.

Why I love sports

April 12, 2012

While I am super competitive that is not my favorite thing about sports. I love the underdog. I love stories of second chances. I love stories of redemption. I love to see good guys (or gals) finish first. I think because it is (in pro sports) a public display of a good human triumph. Think about the movies: Rudy, Hoosiers, Miracle, Remember the Titans and Seabiscuit. People overcame difficult odds and I think it gives us all hope.

I can't see this pic without chanting "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!" in my head

If it was not clear before, I have officially become a sports junkie as my husband and I listened to the Masters on XM radio on our way home from the lake. I NEVER thought I would enjoy it. But the anticipation and the intense whispers of the announcers describing every detail made me fall in love with the story of Bubba Watson. A good ole boy who had not won a major, had just adopted a son, was not doting logos all over himself, lost his father 2 years ago and is a very emotional guy. Emotional in a good way. Not throwing his clubs or mouthing expletives (hint to another pro golfer). He had himself in check and you could tell he was not taking the moment for granted.

I love this picture because it shows that no matter how old or successful we get, we owe so much to our parents.

Last year watching the Masters I wanted to cry for Rory McIlroy as he just fell apart and lost the lead. I was rooting hard for him this year, but if it couldn’t be him I was glad it was Bubba.

I think we can learn things from athletes. I love this quote from Bubba - "I don't play the sport for fame. I don't try to win tournaments for fame," Watson said. "I don't do any of that. It's just me. I'm just Bubba. I goof around. I joke around. I just want to be me and play golf."

"I never got this far in my dreams." - Bubba Watson

Here’s to the underdog!
Danielle R.

Your Beautiful Bridesmaids

April 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday! Does this week feel like it's flying by to anyone else? I'm busy wrapping up the major contracts on our wedding to-do list, getting super excited about everything. What is next you say? How about me! That's right... it's time to shop for your bridesmaids. Something new to think about, not-matching dresses? This is definitely not everyone's style, but it's a new trend now which I happen to be loving. Of course, there is nothing wrong with your bridesmaids in the same dress, it will always create a beautiful cohesive look. Or you could compromise, same color different dress... or same dress different shades? Which is your favorite style? 

Images: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Clothing Crush: Vintage Pajamas

April 10, 2012

Don't get me wrong, I like being cozy and comfortable in my pajamas. For some reason though, old t-shirts and shorts just aren't cutting it anymore in the PJ department. I wake up feeling like I'm in college all over again. If we have company staying in our home, I especially want to look decent in the morning while making coffee/breakfast for our friends or family. Looking "decent" does not include an old high school t-shirt of my husband's and some Old Navy pajama shorts from 3 years ago. Nasty I know. 

I've recently been wearing some of my hub's dress shirts to bed. The old ones, that he never really wears and are extra soft. Since he's 6'5", his shirts easily double as a night shirt for me. However, the sleeves are an issue, and I'm ready to get out of my lazy bedtime attire and buy something chic and comfortable that fits me instead of the giant! I like when women wear things inspired by men, and I'm thinking these vintage pajamas are just the thing. Simple, crisp, classic.  

Current Pajama Crush:  Vintage Pajama Set From J. CREW78.00

Short pajama sets can be essential, especially in the summertime. Living in Texas, it can get unbearably hot so short PJ sets work great for warmer weather. 
I'm loving Steven Alan's Cropped Pajama Set for the warmer nights.

Vintage PJ's are not only being worn in and around the house, but yes, out on the town. I honestly don't think I have to guts to wear them out of my house, but I think it's clever that designers are finding chic ways to wear bedtime attire during the day.

Via Vogue
via Pinterest

via Vogue
To make my pajama dreams come true - I'd want to wake up in my new vintage PJs, in a fluffy white bed, with a delicious cup of coffee and breakfast of course!
 Yep that would be a blessed morning indeed.
via Pinterest
via Slim Paley
Would you wear your PJ's out and about??!


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