Clothing Crush: Vintage Pajamas

April 10, 2012

Don't get me wrong, I like being cozy and comfortable in my pajamas. For some reason though, old t-shirts and shorts just aren't cutting it anymore in the PJ department. I wake up feeling like I'm in college all over again. If we have company staying in our home, I especially want to look decent in the morning while making coffee/breakfast for our friends or family. Looking "decent" does not include an old high school t-shirt of my husband's and some Old Navy pajama shorts from 3 years ago. Nasty I know. 

I've recently been wearing some of my hub's dress shirts to bed. The old ones, that he never really wears and are extra soft. Since he's 6'5", his shirts easily double as a night shirt for me. However, the sleeves are an issue, and I'm ready to get out of my lazy bedtime attire and buy something chic and comfortable that fits me instead of the giant! I like when women wear things inspired by men, and I'm thinking these vintage pajamas are just the thing. Simple, crisp, classic.  

Current Pajama Crush:  Vintage Pajama Set From J. CREW78.00

Short pajama sets can be essential, especially in the summertime. Living in Texas, it can get unbearably hot so short PJ sets work great for warmer weather. 
I'm loving Steven Alan's Cropped Pajama Set for the warmer nights.

Vintage PJ's are not only being worn in and around the house, but yes, out on the town. I honestly don't think I have to guts to wear them out of my house, but I think it's clever that designers are finding chic ways to wear bedtime attire during the day.

Via Vogue
via Pinterest

via Vogue
To make my pajama dreams come true - I'd want to wake up in my new vintage PJs, in a fluffy white bed, with a delicious cup of coffee and breakfast of course!
 Yep that would be a blessed morning indeed.
via Pinterest
via Slim Paley
Would you wear your PJ's out and about??!



  1. such a cute post! I DEFINITELY identify with that quote-- it's a problem when it happens at 7pm though... haha

  2. you are so cute kendall! check out peter alexander- i fell in love with his pj's when i lived in australia and he now has a store in the states. you'll love them:)

  3. thanks Alison and Sophee! I WILL def check out Peter Alexander! Thanks for the tip lover!


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