Mud Pits, Fire And Barbed Wire, Oh My!

April 26, 2012

Have you heard of these crazy, extreme races that have mud pits, fire and barbed wire? Warrior Dash, Spartan Run and Tough Mudder are the various races for obstacle-infested runs through the woods. Here are some of the descriptions from their websites - 
  • Tough Mudder is not your average lame-ass mud run or spirit-crushing 'endurance' road race.
  • Simply, Spartan Race is the world’s leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget!
  • Warrior Dash - A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k run from hell.
These remind me of a Gladiator competition or Nickelodeon's Guts show.

If you are a child of the 90s, you know you wanted to race to the top of the Aggro Crag

Some of these mega runs can be as long as a half or full marathon! So if you think I am crazy for doing a 5k and swimming through mud, imagine the crazies that  run 12 miles and go through an obstacle that literally electrocutes them during the Tough Mudder. These races have gotten really popular and you can find all the details, dates and locations of upcoming runs.

This was my hubby and my 2nd Warrior Dash and I can say we were 6 minutes faster than our first! It may have been that Tulsa's was straight up hill the whole time or the fact that the steps to climb down some of the obstacles were longer than my legs, but I like to think we are experienced warriors.

If just doing the run for shear satisfaction isn't enough, you get a cool T-shirt (pictured below), medal and warrior helmet! (and maybe a few scratches and bruises if you are lucky)

Unfortunately I didn't get any action shots of us during the race and after being completely covered in mud, we went directly to get hosed off so these are some of our post warrior pics.


                                                          The hubby and I

Check out races in your area!
Warrior Danielle R.

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