Picture Day

April 16, 2012

Free People at City Centre • Houston
I feel sad for phone pictures because they never escape the 5x3 box they live in, even in texting... still all locked up. I think the reason i love my iPhone the most is because I see so many beautiful things and my phone is there to say "I recognize that, text that to Kendall." BE FREE phone pics, BE FREE!
The neighbors annual Easter potluck in the cul-de-sac 
design inspiration from old books @ an estate sale 
leaves on a path
Vines on a wall
Lonely Rose
wild raspberries in our field at work

The corner where one of our neighbors lost her life 4 years ago, this was her birthday this year. 
Please send me your trapped on phone picture beauties! I will post them!


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  1. text me text me!!! I want to see your stunner pics:)


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