Why I love sports

April 12, 2012

While I am super competitive that is not my favorite thing about sports. I love the underdog. I love stories of second chances. I love stories of redemption. I love to see good guys (or gals) finish first. I think because it is (in pro sports) a public display of a good human triumph. Think about the movies: Rudy, Hoosiers, Miracle, Remember the Titans and Seabiscuit. People overcame difficult odds and I think it gives us all hope.

I can't see this pic without chanting "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!" in my head

If it was not clear before, I have officially become a sports junkie as my husband and I listened to the Masters on XM radio on our way home from the lake. I NEVER thought I would enjoy it. But the anticipation and the intense whispers of the announcers describing every detail made me fall in love with the story of Bubba Watson. A good ole boy who had not won a major, had just adopted a son, was not doting logos all over himself, lost his father 2 years ago and is a very emotional guy. Emotional in a good way. Not throwing his clubs or mouthing expletives (hint to another pro golfer). He had himself in check and you could tell he was not taking the moment for granted.

I love this picture because it shows that no matter how old or successful we get, we owe so much to our parents.

Last year watching the Masters I wanted to cry for Rory McIlroy as he just fell apart and lost the lead. I was rooting hard for him this year, but if it couldn’t be him I was glad it was Bubba.

I think we can learn things from athletes. I love this quote from Bubba - "I don't play the sport for fame. I don't try to win tournaments for fame," Watson said. "I don't do any of that. It's just me. I'm just Bubba. I goof around. I joke around. I just want to be me and play golf."

"I never got this far in my dreams." - Bubba Watson

Here’s to the underdog!
Danielle R.

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