5 Friday Favorites

May 31, 2012

Ok so it isn't Friday, but this is a trend in the blogosphere and since I don't get to talk with you on Fridays, I was feeling left out. Plus let's be honest, you are all messed up on your days anyways since you had Monday off! So here are my 5 Thursday favorites -

1. OKC Thunder - the husband and I lived in OKC the year the Thunder made their debut and we sat through a tough first season of a lot of almost wins. Every year since, the Thunder have gotten a little closer to the finals so I feel like this has to be their year! This is the only Oklahoma team you will see me cheer for and its star is a Longhorn so it evens out.

2. Large Ziplock baggies - I will be using a lot of these to pack for 16 days of travel. I have heard from many packing connoisseurs the way to pack is by using these gallon sized bags to pack each outfit. I am hoping this will help in the ease of packing up and moving on to new locations quickly.


3. New Wayfayer Ray-Bans - these are my second pair of Ray-Bans and I am in love. They are classic, comfy and cute! I don't know if I look quite as good as Adam Levine in them though ;)

4. Fresca - such a sweet treat and a great addition to some sweet red wine with a squeeze of a lime for an easy and yummy sangria!


5. LifeProof Case - great way to protect your iPhone. They are super light and supposedly you can video under water. I have been too paranoid to try it so if my iPhone does find water hopefully it will be protected! Plus people are always curious how I got my iPhone to be purple.

Not over dog week...

May 30, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! I haven't seemed to get past our amazing dog week last week... so this week I thought I would incorporate my obsession into the next topic on our wedding to-do list. Because why wouldn't your dogs be in your wedding? Okay, okay, I know there are downfalls to having animals at your wedding, however, look how cute! I'd love for you to weigh in, what do you think about having dogs at your wedding? One thing is for sure... in a few years you will be seeing Trigger and Scarlett in a bow tie and tulle dress prancing down the aisle! :) 

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Kelly Wearstler: Part 1

May 29, 2012

This is Kelly Wearstler: She's as cool as they come. 

Let me start off by saying KW (Kelly Wearstler) is AMAZING. This woman's designs and clothing inspire me SO VERY MUCH, and I'm sort of obsessed with her. She is known for her eclectic, modern and one of a kind interior designs, but the woman also has a clothing + jewelry line AND she rocks my world. Did I mention her style? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Because SHE has so many amazing things I want to share with you, I decided to do 3 part series of her stuff. This week it's all about her own style. She was named Vogue's Best Dressed of the Year, just saying...
When I'm feeling a little blah and want to look at fun, fancy or unusual things that I can't afford, I'll check out her blog. If she was my next door neighbor let's just say I'd be borrowing a cup of sugar from her on a regular basis. But let's face it, she probably has her own personal chef who never uses sugar in the first place (because she's an uber health nut) not to mention that her house is most likely gigantic, so the chances of me living next door to her is um well..never.

Enough typing, here's a few pictures of her. I LOVE her style, so thrown together and amazing. 

Tuxedo jacket + stone washed purple jeans, fantastic
I want these shoes. She does the 1/2 un-tucked thing perfectly. 
Signing in her very own clutch designs, pink shirt is a yes 
KW wearing her own line
This outfit has to be one of my favorites 

Reading to her boys in a full length gown, duh. Who doesn't do that? !

Completely white + purple suede boots, amazing

Below is Some KW Q&A: 
 Kelly's Q&A via I had to include it!  
That's all for now, stay tuned for next week's KW interior designs!! Have a fabulous week friends!


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May 28, 2012

Just want to give a shout out on this wonderful holiday to my friends who have served:

Stephen Ulsh
Jason Fielding
Noel Colls
Gerrod Strother
Dub Holt

Thank you. 

Dogs Dogs Dogs GOOSE!

May 25, 2012

Can you tell that we are all animal lovers yet?! We sure do love our puppies! I featured my pup a couple weeks ago in my post about the Wiener Dog Races... To catch you up to speed, her name is Goose and she is part dachshund, part beagle (maybe?), and part princess of course.

I found this wet beauty in my closet once - Goose likes to hide after she gets a bath... 

She loves the outdoors and she especially excels in "water sports".

She loves playing dress up (not really, she probably hates me right here) but she is the cutest lil lady bug you have ever seen, right?

Goose in a box. Enough said.

She looks good in Anthropolgie :)

I wanted to end with some sweet puppy love featuring Lola & Charley (my mom's pup)

Like Danielle said, we are the proudest dog moms you will ever meet! Thanks for joining us for Dog Week!! Have a wonderful weekend :)


Remi & Lucy's Product Picks

May 24, 2012

Meet our munchkins and the rulers of our household! There are many times after we have been watching our dogs play for like 15 minutes that I look at my hubby and say "what did we ever do before dogs?" Dogs definitely have a special place in our hearts and know just how to cheer you up!

Remi AKA "Remi Bear" - a blue-eyed, brown-eyed dapple dachshund
Likes - meal time, licking the fireplace, burrowing under blankets, making noises like an old man, getting his ears scratched, drinking coffee
Dislikes - when his food bowl is empty, changes to his routine, wet grass

Lucy AKA "Da Buce" - a chug (chihuahua-pug mix) with the cutest under bite you ever saw
Likes - giving kisses, begging for bones, chewing on Remi's ears, nap time, walks, getting attention, hunting bugs, being cute
Dislikes - baths, being told no, not getting her way

Best friends
Since it is dog week I thought I would share with you some of our favorite dog products -

1. Martha Stewart - Slow Feeder Dog Bowls - we bought these really for Remi because he can scarf down a bowl of food in less than 5 seconds (no lie!). This tends to slow him down a little bit, but it really slows down Lucy.

2.. Mini Dingo Bones - these are their favorites and Lucy begs for them at least 2x a day. We try to limit them to 1 a day but it gives them something to do when they are hyper at night.

3. Frontgate Personalized Dog Collars - I just ordered these and can't wait to get them in! Lucy tends to always lose her tag so I thought these would add some extra protection! Plus I think they are pretty cute.

4. Furminator Brush - this is for dog's that shed, which Lucy does a lot! It brushes their coats from the inside out and pulls out the hair that causes them to shed so much. You can buy them at a pet store or some vet clinics. They are kind of pricey, but I definitely think they work. You use it only once a week and it doesn't hurt the dog and Lucy will let me brush her about 5x before she has had enough. They have bigger ones for larger dogs.

Introducing Trigger and Scarlett

May 23, 2012

Introducing the loves of my life.. Scarlett and Trigger. And below are a few more puppies in my family (we are missing a few in this picture-- did I mention we are dog people?)
This is Trigger Bartholomeu Gorman. His last name is a hybrid of his father and mother-- my last name is Houseman and my boyfriend's/ his father is Gordon. So we officially named him Trigger Gorman. He is a two year old boxer/lab mix-- We adopted him as a puppy and share custody of our beloved son :)
And this is my angel Scarlett O'Harra Houseman. She is my almost 14 year-young peek-a-poo. Her birthday is this Friday!! Wahoo!! This is her picture from last year on her birthday. She get's cuter every year :) 
So back to Trigg, Twigg, Trigger Roo, Roo, Rubert... the list goes on and on. And yes those are all his official names, he also responds to monkey, that nickname stuck from day one. Trigg has a bigger personality than any other dog I've ever met. And he is the definition of a "sneaky" dog. You can see all his thoughts and schemes in his eyes. This is Trigg being incredibly bored on one of our road trips. 
This is his guilty face-- couldn't look more guilty right?? This is him saying... "Mom if you weren't right there in my face with that camera I would be destroying this pillow in front of me right now". Yes he is also a certified destructor. 
He has the whole bed yet wants the one spot that his sister takes... a very typical Trigger move 
Jealous of sister's new bed. He doesn't care that he doesn't fit,  in fact.. he will just destroy it in a few days... true story 
Supervising my driving... making sure I'm getting us there in a timely manner 
Yes this is how he sleeps every night and yes he does sleep in the bed with me. I tend to sleep like a pencil on the edge and he tends to sleep just like this sprawled across the rest of the bed.. 
Very intrigued by the turtle... I'd like to think they are communicating in some way 
And my sweet little angel... well she is just perfect. She wants to be wherever I am. So it makes sense when I pack my stuff, she comes with me. Literally... this is where I found her while packing up my house last year 
She loves to play dress up.. has to be the best banana split I've ever seen
She actually refuses to move when you put anything on her head.. it's probably one of the funniest things I have and will ever see in my life. She just freezes and will not move for hours if you cover her head. Not a happy camper... but definitely a cute one :)
My beach babe 
Christmas angel.... 
And a shout out to my cousin who is an INCREDIBLE artist She made me this painting of Trigg for my birthday this year. I have one of Scar from a few years ago too on my wall :) 
I love my dogs and am slightly.... no majorly obsessed!!!
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