5 Friday Favorites

May 31, 2012

Ok so it isn't Friday, but this is a trend in the blogosphere and since I don't get to talk with you on Fridays, I was feeling left out. Plus let's be honest, you are all messed up on your days anyways since you had Monday off! So here are my 5 Thursday favorites -

1. OKC Thunder - the husband and I lived in OKC the year the Thunder made their debut and we sat through a tough first season of a lot of almost wins. Every year since, the Thunder have gotten a little closer to the finals so I feel like this has to be their year! This is the only Oklahoma team you will see me cheer for and its star is a Longhorn so it evens out.

2. Large Ziplock baggies - I will be using a lot of these to pack for 16 days of travel. I have heard from many packing connoisseurs the way to pack is by using these gallon sized bags to pack each outfit. I am hoping this will help in the ease of packing up and moving on to new locations quickly.


3. New Wayfayer Ray-Bans - these are my second pair of Ray-Bans and I am in love. They are classic, comfy and cute! I don't know if I look quite as good as Adam Levine in them though ;)

4. Fresca - such a sweet treat and a great addition to some sweet red wine with a squeeze of a lime for an easy and yummy sangria!


5. LifeProof Case - great way to protect your iPhone. They are super light and supposedly you can video under water. I have been too paranoid to try it so if my iPhone does find water hopefully it will be protected! Plus people are always curious how I got my iPhone to be purple.

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