Computer Desk Re-Vamp: British Edition

May 15, 2012

I've wanted to re-vamp our disgusting computer desk that sits off of our kitchen for quite some time now. I had been trying to figure out what to do with it and I happened to come across a picture of a Betsy Burnham's Union Jack Dresser-as seen below.

I used her design as my inspiration to re-do my super gross computer desk and transform it into a British flag masterpiece. If Will and Kate ever wanted to stop by our house, I wanted them to feel welcome:)

Step 1. Do Research. I'm no expert when it comes to painting furniture, so I went to Young House Love's blog and got some helpful tips.
Step 2. Find your colors. I wanted to stick with the red, white and blue for the table. So here's what I went with. Valspar High Gloss. Thanks Lowe's.

Step 3. Sand the crap out of it. The table had a ton of varnish on it, so I had to sand it for nearly 5 hours. Working with the electric sander = neuropathy in my hands. After a while, my hands were back to normal. Wheww...

Step 4. PRIME IT. I used Valspar's Oil based primer because that's what Young House Love told me to do. So I didn't argue since I'm not an experienced furniture painter like Danielle G!!! OW OW!

Step 5. Measure it, then measure it again. I used a pencil to draw my lines with a ruler/tape measure. Then it took forever to cover up my pencil marks when I was painting! I'm not really sure what the solution is for that, but if you have any
suggestions let me know!!!

Step 6. Tape your lines.

Step 7. Paint away! I used a roller brush for all of my painting except the white lines because they are smaller, so it required a brush. Rolling on the paint worked great because everything got an even coat. I must have painted 3-4 coats of every color. Lay it on thick!

Step 8. Finish it off with some water based poly. I used Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic Protective Finish in “Clear Gloss”, got it at Lowes. I put 2 coats on, to give it that super shiny look. Make sure you wait until the first coat is completely dried before you apply the second coat because it can leave some pretty severe drag marks from your brush. Believe me. I did this and I'm mad at myself for not waiting a bit longer before applying the second coat! THEN WAIT ABOUT 2 DAYS! You don't want to put anything on the table until you know it has completely dried. Then....


I bought the chairs at a yard sale for six dollars. I painted them red as well and recovered the bottom. Total cost was around 20 dollars yay! If I can do it so can you!!!

Our new desk is one of my favorite spots in the house! Sipping on coffee and wasting time online, that sounds like a great time to me!



  1. Kendall! Thats amazing, so inspired!!

  2. Impressive!!!!!! I have a huge desk to sand, can you come over?


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