Dogs Dogs Dogs GOOSE!

May 25, 2012

Can you tell that we are all animal lovers yet?! We sure do love our puppies! I featured my pup a couple weeks ago in my post about the Wiener Dog Races... To catch you up to speed, her name is Goose and she is part dachshund, part beagle (maybe?), and part princess of course.

I found this wet beauty in my closet once - Goose likes to hide after she gets a bath... 

She loves the outdoors and she especially excels in "water sports".

She loves playing dress up (not really, she probably hates me right here) but she is the cutest lil lady bug you have ever seen, right?

Goose in a box. Enough said.

She looks good in Anthropolgie :)

I wanted to end with some sweet puppy love featuring Lola & Charley (my mom's pup)

Like Danielle said, we are the proudest dog moms you will ever meet! Thanks for joining us for Dog Week!! Have a wonderful weekend :)


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  1. Our Lucys need a playdate! I love that none of us were at a loss for pictures during dog week :)


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