Introducing Trigger and Scarlett

May 23, 2012

Introducing the loves of my life.. Scarlett and Trigger. And below are a few more puppies in my family (we are missing a few in this picture-- did I mention we are dog people?)
This is Trigger Bartholomeu Gorman. His last name is a hybrid of his father and mother-- my last name is Houseman and my boyfriend's/ his father is Gordon. So we officially named him Trigger Gorman. He is a two year old boxer/lab mix-- We adopted him as a puppy and share custody of our beloved son :)
And this is my angel Scarlett O'Harra Houseman. She is my almost 14 year-young peek-a-poo. Her birthday is this Friday!! Wahoo!! This is her picture from last year on her birthday. She get's cuter every year :) 
So back to Trigg, Twigg, Trigger Roo, Roo, Rubert... the list goes on and on. And yes those are all his official names, he also responds to monkey, that nickname stuck from day one. Trigg has a bigger personality than any other dog I've ever met. And he is the definition of a "sneaky" dog. You can see all his thoughts and schemes in his eyes. This is Trigg being incredibly bored on one of our road trips. 
This is his guilty face-- couldn't look more guilty right?? This is him saying... "Mom if you weren't right there in my face with that camera I would be destroying this pillow in front of me right now". Yes he is also a certified destructor. 
He has the whole bed yet wants the one spot that his sister takes... a very typical Trigger move 
Jealous of sister's new bed. He doesn't care that he doesn't fit,  in fact.. he will just destroy it in a few days... true story 
Supervising my driving... making sure I'm getting us there in a timely manner 
Yes this is how he sleeps every night and yes he does sleep in the bed with me. I tend to sleep like a pencil on the edge and he tends to sleep just like this sprawled across the rest of the bed.. 
Very intrigued by the turtle... I'd like to think they are communicating in some way 
And my sweet little angel... well she is just perfect. She wants to be wherever I am. So it makes sense when I pack my stuff, she comes with me. Literally... this is where I found her while packing up my house last year 
She loves to play dress up.. has to be the best banana split I've ever seen
She actually refuses to move when you put anything on her head.. it's probably one of the funniest things I have and will ever see in my life. She just freezes and will not move for hours if you cover her head. Not a happy camper... but definitely a cute one :)
My beach babe 
Christmas angel.... 
And a shout out to my cousin who is an INCREDIBLE artist She made me this painting of Trigg for my birthday this year. I have one of Scar from a few years ago too on my wall :) 
I love my dogs and am slightly.... no majorly obsessed!!!

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