The long and un-awaited House Tour Part 2

May 7, 2012

There's a topic floating around in blog world about how so much creativity and so many pretty pictures don't actual lead to as much inspiration as they are intentioned. Instead they lead to self-loathing and pity over the lack of actually taking part in said creativity and pretty pictures. Its summed up well in this post by creature comforts blog. I have experienced this with pinterest. I get overloaded and hate everything. Im in need of some therapinterest. I thought you might need some too... and since Im a behavior therapist, trust me, Im certified to show you these graphic therapeutic images. ALSO... thought I should show you the house before we don't live there anymore!!

Yes, this is house part 2, in its natural state. No cleaning. Just everyday life. 

Master bath/ My bath
Master angle 1

Master angle 2
Master Closet/ My closet
Rob's Closet
Guest Room and awesome piano bookcase Rob made... more on that later.
Music room/ office
Rob's bath... its cleaner than mine :/

Meet Maggie! My parents are bring her home today!! 

Be inspired! Feel good about how much better your house looks! 

-Danielle G.


  1. Ha! Love it, I feel better already. ;-) Thanks for sharing. -Callie

  2. Glad I could be of service by my lack of service, ha!


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