We bought a house!

May 14, 2012

Well we haven't officially purchased the house yet, they accepted our offer and we still have inspection, and the signing of 1000 papers. BUT Im going to just go ahead and say its ours because Jesus made it happen. Originally we lost the bidding war... and then one day over breakfast Rob and I prayed that we could still have that house somehow... and the next day the people backed out!

So here are some pictures of the house right now (this is not our stuff) and the future projects...

Project 1: Redo the floor in the entry, dining and kitchen. The tile in the entry and fire place is teal-ish. The kitchen tile is peach and teal... eek. Dining is carpet which doesn't make sense to me... so it will be replaced by wood (probably fake) Not sure exactly what to do with the fireplace yet.

Project 2:
I HATE the block glass "bricks" seen in picture 1. They show in the kitchen and the living area. My plan for that entire wall is.... faux brick! Found this example of faux brick. Looks so real!

Project 3: New counter tops
Project 4+
-paint dining room
-paint kitchen cabinets like this
-sliding door for closet doors (instead of mirrors) like this.
-add sink in the bathrooms to look like this
-new lighting in kitchen and anything hanging
-rack in the laundry

One day:
-covered patio
-built in dog crate! (why not?)
-seamless shower

I could go on forever... and I just might. Im gonna young house love this house!  


  1. Looks super fancy! So fun! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it. So happy for you guys! Ow Ow!

  2. EEeeeeeek!!!!!! It's so amazing! I can't wait for the "Danielle touch" either.

  3. Weighing up kitchen countertops ideas before you select one for your home is really a must if you intend to have the best.


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