All roads lead to Rome

July 12, 2012

Looking back through all 600 (yes my husband took 600 pictures!) of our Italian journey, it already seems surreal. I learned so much about art, history and food (well didn't learn, just ate a lot!). I definitely thing the best way to learn is by seeing. And it was definitely awesome to go back to ancient civilization and see things built during the Roman Empire. Here are just some snippets of our trip. I hope you enjoy! And I highly recommend a planned out and guided tour if you ever go to Italy. There is so much to see and do and we would have not experienced as much as we did with out all of our wonderful guides.

On a gondola ride in Venice (not Vegas, the original!)

The “streets” of Venice

The Duomo of Florence - this picture can't capture how big it is!

Inside the Duomo

The Tuscan countryside = lots and lots of wine

San Gimignano – medieval town

The Appian Way - built in 312 BC

The Pantheon

Making a wish by the famous Roman Trevi Fountain
Ancient ruins of Pompeii

Mountains of Pompeii
Danielle R.

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