Bold Stripes

July 17, 2012

Today I'm attacking a myth that I've grown up hearing, you know it too:
Wearing horizontal stripes makes you look fat.
BOOOOOOO. That's a bunch of malarkey.
No matter what size you are, stripes can be a clever way to punch up any outfit. Bold stripes anchored with a solid piece definitely rock and add a little something different to your look. Check it:

Mix a large stripe with a solid top or bottom, PERFECTION, No?

Try mixing stripe patterns for a graphic, whimsical look, or just rock the stripes all by them self. Here's what I mean.

Mix and Match:

Bold stripes by them self:

all images via Pinterest
Danielle asked us to start adding more of ourselves to our posts, so I snagged my husband to take some pictures of me before a birthday party last night. Let me remind you that we are amateur photographers and I'm definitely NOT a model. We must have taken about 10 pictures before we both started feeling lame and laughing. But I figure if I'm asking you to be Bold in Stripes, then I think I should do the same, and give you proof that I actually wore them. So here it is.

Have a glorious Tuesday and sport those stripes!



  1. You're so cute! Good to see you :) Also love you for saying malarkey and giving away your west texas upbringing haha

  2. I love the pics! Paul should go into photography :)

  3. You are the cutest thing ever!!! Love your pink stripes.


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