I fought the wall, and wall won...

July 9, 2012

I was singing that "I fought the wall and the wall won!" the whole time (approx. 20 hours)  I took down wall paper. I thought I was done then I found this behind the mirror:
I said some bad words then ripped that mother down. (don't let rob in this room fool you, he has not touched a shred of wallpaper) This room is now awaiting some joint compound. I did however, spray paint the gold lights silver as I think they will be with us for a while. 
Even though he didn't peel wallpaper he did paint the ceiling that had obviously been smoked out by the fire place... sick!! 

Remember this lovely treat of a bathroom formally known as the dungeon? Well my mother (who does a lot of my dirty work... thanks mom) Sanded this guy down. To say it was messy is an understatement.
doesn't she look pretty...
love this one!

I don't know if you can see the "smoke" seeping out of the door but you can see it on the floor
It ended up looking like this (the bottom half) yuck. Then we (my mom) primed the top

the texture is still there just not as... lumpy
And I started painting! I chose palladian blue from benjamin more inspired by this room redo... we will put breadboard on the bottom 42"
Then I took a break and left my family working to go drink wine and paint with my friend April...

Next order of operation is choosing brick for the wall in between the kitchen and living room. 

 Choice 1: Town square: I like the gray, reddish rust and old look but the yellow throws me off...
 Choice 2: Seawall... good colors but there would be no contrast from the rest of the house..
 Choice 3: Peppermill WINNER! gray white and red with minimal yellow
This will go here:
SO theres a brief recap of the weekend... oh yeah I have a real job? Here's my very mature looking (to balance out my 12 year old face) office so far... got those basset couches off craigslist for 200 for both!!

My sister is OVERWHELMED at work so she needed to pass on her Friday posts... so please join us this Friday to hear from our new guest blogger Laurel of Laurel White Design.

Next monday look for... 
Hopefully a finished dungeon redo
Painted Bedroom
More craigslist scores!

-Danielle G. 

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