Kelly Wearstler: Part 2

July 10, 2012

via Kelly Wearstler
Well hellloooo there! Long time no blog. I know it's been awhile since I last posted, BUT I did promise a three part series to Kelly Wearstler, because the woman is a machine of inspiration, for the interior designer, fashion lover and everything in-between. If you didn't catch Part 1: then check it out here

Part 2 is dedicated to Kelly's clothing + jewelry line.
Get excited. Just kidding, you may totally hate it, but I think it kind of rocks, so there! 

If I had to pick a favorite piece right now, it would be this Miracle Washed Cape. Love.

I know it's bright fuchsia, and you can't really be discreet in something like this, but it just screams fun to me. Plus it is on sale right now. Go here to find it. Here's a few more items, ya!

Crazy fun am I right? !
NOW ON TO ACCESSORIES!! Her jewelry and clutches are little pieces of art. These guys are over the top incredible and can stay in your wardrobe for years to come. By far my favorite clutch is this white beauty. Gorgeous right? 
ahhhh so dreamy

Here are a few more with some delicious color.

 And for the Jewels...These can go casual or dressy, I love that.

via Kelly Wearstler
via Kelly Wearstler

Last but not least: Scarves. By FAR my favorite accessory. Check it!

Look at those colors. Love it!
  What's your favorite piece? Even if you can't afford her stuff, (like me) then use her designs for your own inspiration, AND have a ridiculous Tuesday!



  1. long time no blog hahaha... she has so much funky goodness... do you own anything of hers?

  2. only books:( sadly that is all! But I'm thinking about ordering the cape because it is on sale, big discount! yay!or asking for something for my birthday. That's always an okay time to splurge.


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