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July 30, 2012

I had this idea (still have it) for a bench that goes at the foot of the bed... so I search "bench" on craigslist and this redonk amazing dining room set (with bench) pops up for $350!! So we had to go get it.

However there were some issues... like a giant spot on the table, and scratched up chairs....
I didn't get a picture of the spot... heres the bench

With a little sanding you can see where the poly and stain were already coming off:

I used an orbital sander 150 grain... then 220 to smooth it out a bit more before staining

Staining Supplies:
1. Lint free towel
2. Paper Towels
3. Foam Brush
4. Stain (Red Mahogany) that I later decided was too red... switch to Special Walnut
5. Bambo Skewer - used as stir stick

I wiped it down with the lint free towel to the max... then stained. I use a foam brush because it works and because they cost 72 cents so I don't have to wash them and can throw them away. Stir don't shake the stain! There's the color sludge on the bottom of the can so mix that up and stick your brush all the way in to get the color at the bottom. I do small parts at a time, I don't let it sit too long. One time I did and it was too long and it got sticky so when I tried to wipe it off it was a sticky paper towel mess. I would rather do multiple quick coats to darken to avoid the tar and feather like fiasco. Once you've let it sit an appropriate while... wipe off with paper towels.

Section 2:

 Looks good but its too red :/
Table: Same thing 150 grit followed by 220... but I could still see the little orbital sander circles so I got a piece of sandpaper (220 grit) and sanded in a line...
horizontal sanding lines...

and done minus the polyurethane 

Better pictures to come... And I picked the light that shall go above this table... 

From West Elm

Im off to Seattle tomorrow!! Have a great week!

- Danielle G.

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