A Year (or more) of projects

July 3, 2012

Rob and I bought a house and moved in about 2 weeks ago. We have about a billion projects, I made sure I stole all of the pictures off the real-estate website for our before pictures. So here's my next year in projects:

I love to start with the backyard because its done! Yay finished project #1

BEFORE Entry: Bye bye floor and maroon dining to the left!

BEFORE New fan(purchased), new paint(picked out), curtains (check!)

BEFORE: New light (no progress) , new paint in the cove (primed)
BEFORE Kitchen:New light (awaiting purchase in my online basket), new floors (in but not grouted!)
 BEFORE: Take down box light and add two pendant lights instead (no progress), new counter tops (no progress), new paint (check!) paint the cabinets (no progress)
 BEFORE: Brick the wall! and get rid of the bath room tiles = weird
(we have the brick picked out but I think were changing our minds)
 BEFORE: Build in the fridge! (no progress) get rid of the mirror cut out thing (part of bricking the wall)

 BEFORE: New fan (ugh no progress) New paint (Check!) new floors (scheduled in two weeks!)
 BEFORE: New fireplace face (tile removed!) paint ceiling (I refuse)
CURRENT: Paint and no tile- we thought we were going to be lucky finding brick behind there but getting that white stuff off breaks the bricks :( 
 I would love to  build a covered patio one day....
 BEFORE: NEW PAINT (DONE!!) new light (nope) paint yellowed trim (nope) new floors (2 weeks)
CURRENT: pretty potty ;) 
 yellow trim : /
BEFORE:  new fan (purchased) new paint (purchased) new floors (2 weeks)
BEFORE: I like to call this the dungeon- sand down the walls, add bead board on the bottom half, a nice light blue gray on top, new light, new pedestal sink and hardware to bring us into the light! Floors go in today!

BEFORE: Music room (COMPLETE!)

 BEFORE: Craft room but we really just call it the crap room... it looks like well... crap.

 BEFORE New lights eventually, new paint...
 BEFORE Guest/ Future goat baby room (future as in years)

 BEFORE Master Bath--- wall paper is mostly down ugh.

BEFORE new fan (purchased) new paint (purchased) curtains removed! note this is NOT current:
So as you can see I have no time for anything else in my life. But thats ok! I would love to see your before and after projects!

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