You are what you eat.

July 23, 2012

I really thought I would have some house progress to show you... but we have hit a slow spot... and I got sick. SO hopefully later I can show you more but for today Im going to talk about Food.

Rob and I went to dinner the other day at Outback (because we had a gift card) and while we were waiting for our food, a family across from us got up and left a full plate of french fries. He asked me if I was ok if he got up and ate their french fries. WHAT!? No, you don't eat food off of other people's plates. Then Rob said something brilliant.

"Its sad that we live in a country where its more acceptable
 to throw away a ton of good food than eat it."

This statement really turns into a long chain of food/health topics. This video is a good way to start out

Not only do we throw food away, while there are starving people but because of these super portions we are demanding super amounts of crops, leading to get it quick methods of agriculture ...

It starts at the soil. By not taking care of the soil, we grow crops in mineral deficient soil leading to mineral deficient crops, weaker crops lead to less nutritional value and the need for more man-made defenses such as pesticides... that are terrible to ingest and further damage the soil. So even if we think we are eating healthy but eating tons of vegetables... how healthy are these vegetables?

And if we go beyond vegetables... we are really getting into eating processed food. Have you ever looked at one of your boxes and seen a list of 30+ ingredients.. and couldn't pronounce half of them? The ones you can't pronounce are additives and preservatives... 

We gotta do better. 

SO easy steps...
1. Eat organic, join an organic co-op or CSA where they support local farmers. 
--Here's mine: Rawfully Organic
2. Eat Raw ( I am not fully raw, but there is serious value in eating raw even sometimes)
3. Grow your own! (I'm about to start working on this myself)
4. Make a compost- there will be waste but put that waste to work making your soil better
5. Eat clean- this means eating foods with a few pronounceable ingredients (I love this blog for recipes)

Documentaries to watch:

Alright, I'm off to eat a bell pepper.

-Danielle G.

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