Animal Instincts

August 28, 2012

I recently bought this from Anthro on sale, praise Jesus.
I'm so stinking excited to wear this Charlotte Taylor dress I don't know what to do with myself. It hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but when it does I promise I'll post pictures. Hee Haww....that's a donkey noise. You're welcome.

I put a few animal finds together for you to scope out. These pieces are crazy delicious and oh so desirable. What do you think?

1.Cheetah Print Silk Shirt (TopShop) 2. Elephant Resin Link Necklace (J. Crew) 3. Red Country Bird Scarf (Oasis)  4. Singing Parakeet Clutch (Etsy)  5. Damask Elephant iPhone Case (Etsy) 6. Marc Jacobs Sandshell Multicolor Finch Top (Marc Jacobs) 7. The Fox of Life Bag (Oral Kiley)
8. Portland Fox Wool Sweater (Aubin & Wills)  9. Animal 3 Pack Ring (TopShop)  10. Charlotte Taylor Penguin Skirt (Charlotte Taylor-currently unavailable) 11. Fox Slippers (PolyVore)
12. Enameled Elephant Bracelet (J. Crew)

Happy Hunting.



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