Baby Boy's Room Teaser

August 16, 2012

Every since we found out we were having a boy, I have been designing his room in my head. Well this weekend my mom and I did some shopping and started turning this vision into a reality. Here are some items we bought to go in his room. And can I just say that with little boys you have to be oh so creative as to where you purchase decorative items since all of the baby stores are lined with girly decor! And what little boy stuff they have is the same as all the other stores. Well we like a challenge! There won't be full nursery pics for a while, but here are some teasers.

Fred the Alligator from La Bebe in Midland (you can't tell but he is about 2 feet long!)
Cute tray (with some blocks I already had) from HomeGoods (oh yes Midland is getting one of these!)
Frame (minus the creepy picture - will be replaced with a sweet pic of baby boy!) from SteinMart
Letters for above his crib - R is from SteinMat and both E's are from Hobby Lobby

Any guesses as to his name? These are 3 of the 6 letters in his name so I am still on the hunt for some more!
Cute organizer drawers from Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite pieces so far!)
On order from Etsy! Looking for some rustic metal or wood frames for thesee
 There you have it. We are going to start painting hopefully next weekend!

After while crocodile,
Danielle R.

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