Bachelor(ette) Party Extravaganza

August 1, 2012

So this weekend was something I've been planning for months now. It was the Bachelor(ette) Party. We decided to have one weekend packed with crazy events and spend it all together instead of separate Bachelor and Bachelorette weekens. And it was so fun!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend.
On Friday, everyone met out at a local park for an evening of grilling, gaming, and drinking. When my sister's fiance and I started planning the event, we really tried to image what her ideal night would be like. And we came up with this. And it was such a great time! Giant Jenga, bean bag toss, inflatable jousting, a little bit of alcohol ;) and it makes for a great time. 
Then Saturday morning we did have a little bit of separate gender bonding time. The boys headed off for a day of golf and the girls went on to the lingerie shower. I asked Meghan's best friends to throw this one for her and they did an amazing job! Bloody "Marry" Bar, Mimosas, tacos, and pool time. It really made for a great morning.
My sister (the bride to be)!...
 My two sisters and me out by the pool!
Then from there we got dressed in full costume and went to the roller rink. Because really... why not get dressed up and go skating for a Bachelor party?? It was such a great time. Watching people who haven't had skates on in over 10 years is fun enough, let alone dressed in full costume. We had relay racing, tag, food, and drinks... It was such a good time!
Here is my family in costume--- I mean does it get any better than this???
Finally at the end of the longest day of my life, we met back up, rallied, and headed downtown for their final celebrations. All in all, probably the best weekend ever! I highly recommend when planning any sort of party, disregarding tradition and keeping in mind who the party is for. In this case, my sister and her fiance just like to have a good time. They are adventurous and love to try something new and exciting. So we planned events that we wouldn't have the means to do at any other point. And it was such a success. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! 

 Have a great rest of your week :)


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