Grey Tabby Table

August 6, 2012

Hello Monday!

Does anyone like Mondays? Ewww. I might like Mondays if I were with Danielle G. in California right now, enjoying the 65 degree weather!  For that reason, in her absence, I'm sharing a cheap side table re-do I managed to squeeze in this weekend.

I'm starting to tackle and re-tackle some projects that have been on my to-do list for a very long time. This little side table was purchased for $3 from a church yard sale shortly after we moved to D.C. It's travelled around with us ever since, lost a leg, was repaired, etc. It started off a sort of aged/crackle spray-painted beige color, which never really bothered me, except that it just could look a whole lot better . . . and cleaner . . . in any other color. So, in honor of our weekend guests who were arriving on Friday evening, I decided I'd just get 'er done. 

I spread an old towel in the utility room. Grabbed a disposable foam brush for smooth strokes, and dug out a can of paint (Grey Tabby by Glidden) that I had on hand. After one quick coat, we were at this point, so I knew I was going to need two more coats. What I love about a quick paint project like this is that you can do it while you're doing other things.  Apply a coat and run some errands, apply another coat and vacuum the house . . . etc. And yet you still end up with with a renewed piece of furniture in the end.

I wanted the drawer pull to be white for a little variation, so I unscrewed the screws to take it off and spray paint it high gloss white. That sucker must have been gorilla glued in there. I didn't want to break it, so instead I just let it be stubborn and painted it white with an oil-based gloss.  I figure if it wears off a little, no big loss. This picture also shows the interesting crackle paint job from prior owner.

I like it so so so much better now. It's slightly more classy than the dirty yellow white it was before. And best of all, I can check one more thing off my list.


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